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Dorothea Lange Spins In Her Grave

We saw RevCam and Annie washing the clothes, and now we get to watch Lucy and Kevin folding them. Can you handle the fast-paced action and excitement? Kevin says he got some real estate listings, and asks Lucy if she wants to look over them with him tonight. He says he's really looking forward to having his own house. Lucy lies that she is, too, adding that living in the CamPound has been really nice. Kevin says that's true, but he misses having privacy. If privacy was so important to him, he shouldn't have married a Camden. Kevin adds that, with all her family members sleeping right next to them, he's sensed that Lucy doesn't want to "get close." I don't like where this storyline is headed at all. Fortunately, Lucy wasn't paying any attention to Kevin, and responds by calling Kevin "sweetie" and wiping toothpaste from his mouth. She says she's going to help Annie with dinner, even though Annie already said she doesn't need any help with dinner. "I'm hungry," says Lucy. "Yeah, so am I," says Kevin, except that he is hungry in a purely metaphorical sense that I don't want to think about at all. Kevin says that he'll go set the table and Lucy can keep folding clothes. "Aw, you're such a --" Lucy begins. "Good little boy?" Kevin finishes, an annoyed edge to his voice. He rolls his eyes and leaves. Lucy resumes clothes-folding, completely oblivious to the feelings of everyone around her.

Confrontation time in SamVid's room! Sam and Vid argue about whether or not Vid is actually sick, and Sam says he's going to be sick tomorrow. Vid says Sam can't do that, because Vid is planning to still be sick, and his turn isn't finished yet. Sam threatens to tell on Vid. Vid says if Sam tells on him, then Sam won't be able to fake sick. "[Sigh]," says Sam. Vid says he's planning to be sick all week; Sam can be sick next week. But Sam wants chocolate pudding right now! "It's all gone," says Vid. Sam growls and launches his apple at the wall. The rage of Sam has been unleashed! There's no going back now! Vid's mouth drops open with shock, and he threatens to tell on Sam for his vindictive apple-tossing. Sam says if he does, then Sam will tell her that Vid isn't sick. Check and mate, Sam! The twins glare at each other.

Kevin finds Martin in the kitchen (doesn't Martin have his own apartment?) and asks where Annie and RevCam are. Martin says they're taking the garbage out together. Kevin says this must be how their marriage lasted so long; they do everything together. "They seem pretty independent to me," says Martin, who seems to have confused the definition of "independent" with "co-dependent." "They're together when it counts," says Kevin, who apparently thinks that RevCam and Annie are out doing it by the garbage cans. Which might not be an incorrect assumption, I'm very, very sorry to say.

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