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Annie offers to read the twins a story, although I don't know why she's bothering with such unimportant matters when RevCam is sitting in his RevOffice, all alone. Annie says she's hoping Vid will sleep well and get better so he can go to school tomorrow. "Yeah, me too," says Sam, frowning. "WHAT IS THAT MARK ON THE WALL?!" Annie demands, upon seeing the apple-pulp-marked spot where Sam threw the apple. That kid's got quite an arm! Hopefully, it will be enough to get him an athletic scholarship, as he's certainly not getting any academic ones, what with his explanation of the mark that is high up on the wall being that it must have happened when he dropped the apple. Learn gravity, Sam. Annie finds the apple and examines it, using her forensic science skills to determine that the apple looks like it was thrown, not dropped. She asks Sam if he threw an apple at Vid. Sam bows his head. "I'm sorry," he says. Vid says Sam was jealous that he got pudding. Annie says they're going to clean the mess up, and then Sam is going to bed without a story. While Annie reads a story to Vid, Sam will be making his way to his new accommodations: Ruthie's room. I really don't think throwing an apple merits such a draconian punishment. Hell, murderers don't even deserve time in Ruthie's room. Although I guess it's not so bad when you consider the fact that Sam will now be spared from having to hear Kevin and Lucy have long overdue sex next door. Sam is not pleased with this development, but Annie says she wants to make sure Sam isn't exposed to Vid's illness. If she was so worried about that, you'd think she would have not just let Sam spend the ENTIRE DAY with Vid, but whatever. Vid, trying to spare his brother from the horrors that await him in Ruthie's room, says that Sam probably already has it, and should sleep in his own bedroom. Sam says he feels fine, actually, and is looking forward to sleeping in Ruthie's room, which he says will be "fun." Well, you can't spell "fucking scary" without "fun." Annie leaves to get apple cleaning supplies. Vid asks if he can have more Jell-O. "Yes, you may. I'll bring you some Jell-O," says Annie. Then she turns to Sam and scowls darkly at him. Get a grip, Annie. Sam tells Vid that while he gets to hang out with Ruthie, Vid will be "all alone in the dark." After about five seconds of hearing his sister have sex with her robot husband, Vid will wish he actually was alone.

Ruthie and Vincent talk on the phone. Vincent says his parents thought he was getting "too serious" with Ruthie because he was always talking about her, or to her, or going out with her. Oh, please. Why would he say that he didn't think his relationship with Ruthie was "going anywhere" if that's how he really felt? And why is Ruthie allowed to talk on the phone? I demand to see punishment! Ruthie snaps that Vincent can get right over her, as she is grounded for a month and can't see anyone, thanks to him. Vincent offers to ground himself for a month, and then they can go out again! "What about Margo?" says Ruthie. Vincent says he told her he never wanted to see her again. Ruthie smiles evilly.

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