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Martin opens the fridge and stares at its contents for like five minutes. Finally, there's a knock at the back door. It's Zoe. Martin's not too thrilled to see her. He says he already saw her this afternoon, and he has homework to do now. Zoe asks Martin why he hasn't returned any of her ten phone calls. Ten calls? Chill out, Z! Martin asks her if her housekeeper liked the pizza. "What's that supposed to mean?" Zoe asks. I think it means that Martin wants to know whether or not your housekeeper liked the leftover pizza, Zoe. You'll have to excuse her slowness on the uptake; it's hard to think when you're hungry. Ruthie walks in, saying she's on her way outside to find her jacket, which she thinks she dropped on her way home from school. Yeah, like Sam dropped that apple. "Margo's jacket? I thought you tossed it into the garbage can," says Zoe. Ruthie is fairly pissed that Zoe told Martin her secret. Zoe says that Ruthie obviously told Martin about her secret. Except that when Zoe told Ruthie's secret, she didn't think Ruthie had said anything first. Oh, and also, Ruthie didn't tell Martin anything. "I keep my promises!" she says, storming out. Martin says he doesn't know what's going on right now, but he doesn't want to see Zoe anymore.

It's the next morning. RevCam is having his favorite breakfast, a big bowl of Interrogating His Kids Krispies. He asks Ruthie why she's washing her clothes so early in the morning. Ruthie says she wanted to wear her new jacket. She then figures out that RevCam knows about how she threw it in the garbage. RevCam says he saw it in there. Ruthie explains that she was upset, but she's over it now. Before RevCam can ask what Ruthie was upset about, even though he totally knows the answer, Ruthie asks him why, if he knew her jacket was in the garbage, he didn't take it out and talk to her about it. When RevCam doesn't answer, Ruthie figures out that Martin told him after Zoe told Martin. I guess the Camden-wide Zoe-secret-telling cover-up operation failed after all. Ruthie says she's going to wear her jacket to school today to show everyone that she doesn't care what people think. Yes, I'm sure the halls of Glenoak High will be abuzz with talk of Ruthie's feats of derring-do. Ruthie says she's especially looking forward to Margo seeing her, now that Ruthie and Vincent are back together. RevCam frowns. Ruthie says that when she's off grounding, she and Vincent will go out again -- as long as she asks RevCam and Annie for permission first. RevCam says they'll talk about that later, and I really don't get why the CamRents are so ridiculously strict when it comes to their fifteen-year-old daughter dating, especially after they had no qualms about their other daughters having serious relationships at a much earlier age. RevCam asks Ruthie if she'd be wearing that jacket to school if Vincent and Margo were still dating. Ruthie says she would, and asks why that matters. "I don't know," says RevCam, "but sometimes if you do the right thing for the wrong reason, it has a way of backfiring on you." "Meaning?" says Ruthie. "Only what I said," says RevCam, who obviously has no idea what he just said, "have a nice day. And by that, I mean 'be nice.'" Whatevs, Revs.

RevCam goes upstairs, thus allowing Martin to enter the kitchen. He offers to give Ruthie a ride to school, and she asks him if Zoe told anyone else in school about Margo's stupid jacket. Martin says she probably told as many people as she could, because she likes "feeling superior to other people." Glenoak High must be starved for gossip if a story about some freshman with a secondhand jacket is making the rounds. Martin says he got sick of Zoe's superiority complex, so he broke up with her. "You can't break up with her!" says Ruthie. "Uh...yes, I can," says Martin; "I did." Ruthie says that sometimes when people act like they're better than everyone, they're just covering for the fact that they really feel inferior. Martin rather angrily tells Ruthie that if she has something to tell him, she should spit it out. Ruthie remains quiet. Martin says it doesn't matter anyway, because he doesn't like Zoe. At all.

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