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I Really Did

Dopey and Ruthie have a heart-to-heart in the back seat of his car. I'm happy to say that at least this scene has no icky undertones of incest. Ruthie wants to know if Plot Contrivance really has a horse. She points out that Dopey doesn't really know PC any better than she does. Dopey claims that his bride is "an honest person." I think he's conveniently forgetting about the fact that not only did PC tell her own parents a pretty monumental lie, but she even coerced him into lying to his parents. Maybe Brenda has a different definition of the word "honest." After all, she redefined "family values" in a way that oh so many people, including myself, find revolting. Dopey goes on to use a little emotional blackmail on Ruthie to ensure that she will keep his big secret. Despite that, it's nice to see how these two relate. The whole scene is kind of smarmy, but with Ruthie's assertion that she loves her brother and is willing to keep his secret -- whether she gets to keep Mrs. Dopey's horse or not -- Brenda almost manages to pull off a pretty touching scene. Almost.

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