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I Really Did

Dopey and his bride are having another little chat outside her house. Actually, Dopey is yelling at her for lying to her parents, and he's not exactly thrilled that she wants him to lie to his parents too. In fact, he says one of the few intelligent things I've ever heard him say: "I don't think lying about being married is a good way to start off a marriage." He also brings up the fact that Ruthie knows about the marriage and will never be able to keep their secret. Plot Contrivance tells him to leave the worrying to her, since she comes "from a long line of worriers." That's some sort of stereotype too, isn't it?

Ruthie walks into the CamKitchen to receive a grilling from RevCam. He's obviously trying to find out if she knows anything about Dopey staying out all night. Or perhaps he just regularly micromanages her life by asking her searching questions about how she enjoyed her lunch. Lucy and Mary walk in, and are just about to start grilling Ruthie themselves when they see RevCam. He wants to know why they have been so anxious to find Ruthie. Normally, I'd suggest that Mary leave the lying to Lucy, but since Lucy's IQ seems to have dropped about fifty points over the past year, it probably doesn't matter who comes up with their excuse. The best Mary can do is, "We just wanted to give her a ride home, that's all." Ruthie's a little more slick, so she tells her father, "I don't know what they're up to, but they're up to something," then hightails it out of the kitchen. Lucy admits that she and Mary are dying to know why their brother stayed out all night. Simon and Robbie walk in. Simon asks about Dopey, while Robbie just laughs at RevCam. He apologizes, sort of: "I'm sorry, but what are you gonna do? He stayed out all night. Is it the end of the world?" Probably not to a non-freak, but this is RevCam we're talking about here.

The wacky CamJinks continue as Ruthie stands up on someone's bed in the attic bedroom so she can look out the window and wait for the arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Dopey. Fortunately for her, they're just getting out of the DopeMobile now. Ruthie knocks frantically on the window, trying to get their attention, but they're too busy making out to notice her. I'm not sure what she would have done if they'd looked up at her anyway -- smiled and waved, maybe? Lucy and Mary walk into the room to see Ruthie knocking on the window. That doesn't even tip them off to the arrival of Dopey, though, and it's not until Ruthie jumps down off the bed and runs out of the room that the older girls think to climb up on the bed themselves and look out the window. It's hard to tell, but I think they're wearing street shoes as they trample the pillows of whoever's bed this is. How charming. Hygienic, too. When they see that Dopey has arrived, they run downstairs, waving their arms in a zany manner not seen since the heyday of Three's Company. They run past Annie and the twins in the upstairs hallway. SuperMom realizes that Dopey must be home, so she starts running toward the stairs herself. She's so excited that she almost leaves a twin behind. Considering the kind of parenting she and Eric give the boys, I'm a little surprised that StuporMom even goes back to retrieve the forgotten twin.

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