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I Really Don't

Oh, great, it's another super scene with RevCam and the twins! One could argue that they communicate better than Ruthie gives them credit for, because one of them says, "Matt marry." At least that's what the closed captioning indicates. RevCam seems to take it this way too, since he replies, "Matt marry? I don't think so." I'm not sure why RevCam would put this construction on it, instead of taking it as the more logical babbling of the twin's siblings' names: "Matt, Mary." Perhaps RevCam is extremely telepathic, though, since when the twin manages to say "bride book," Eric immediately supplies "Brides book," even though he has yet to see the magazine. The other twin helpfully hands the publication over to his father, who assumes it belongs to Lucy and Mary, since they "want to be brides." Twin One insists that it's Matt who wants to be the bride. He laughs, because he knows the image of Dopey in a bridal gown is a funny one.

When RevCam sees Ruthie walk by, he quickly abandons the boring twins, not even bothering to say goodnight to them. He starts quizzing Ruthie about the Brides magazine. Ruthie doesn't tell him anything, but Robbie walks up and wants to borrow the magazine himself. He explains that Dopey is looking for a bride, which RevCam seems to find worrisome, rather than just ludicrous. The three waste their time speculating on Dopey and his date instead of, you know, going out and finding lives, which is what they really should be doing.

Down at the clinic, Dopey is having a boring discussion with his boss about why he's scheduled to work tonight. "But I have a date!" he whines. As predicted, she could not care less, even when Matt whines some more, saying, "It wasn't just any date!" The boss gets in a good dig when she says, "Well, I'm sure. Not just any woman would go out with you." Too dumb to realize he's just been dissed, Dopey continues to confide in his boss that he's looking for a wife and that maybe he would have found her tonight. Inexplicably, the boss doesn't fire his ass on the spot. I know I wouldn't trust anyone that stupid to work for me, particularly not in a medical setting. As the boss walks off, Dopey calls up his date and tells her he has to cancel. What's weird is that he barely knows this woman, yet he knows her telephone number by heart. Maybe he's just an idiot savant, and remembering telephone numbers is his special talent. I wonder if he has any others, like being able to tell you what day of the month Easter fell on in 1642. I don't think stalking or moralizing really count as talents, do you? As he hangs up the phone, another orderly walks up to him and says, "So I hear you're looking for a wife." Instead of then laughing rudely in his face for that, the orderly just smiles flirtatiously and walks away. Okay, we all know where this is going. Can we just go home now?

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