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In The Blink Of An Eye

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In The Blink Of An Eye

RevCam pulls up to the diner, where Dopey is standing with Policeman Bob, who informs him that Dopey's test showed "no trace of alcohol." RevCam must have slipped Policeman Bob some special signal that tells him it's okay to go. He starts nagging Matt about being on restriction, but gets interrupted by Doin' Ya's father, who warns Dopey to stay away from his daughter. He adds, "I should have known better -- the minister's son," which totally cracks me up. Dopey tries to turn the blame on RevCam for making him deliver the Meals on Wheels food, which is about what I would expect from Dopey. Of course, I think RevCam's stupid three-week car-restriction should have been lifted when he forced Dopey to do the Meals on Wheels run, but then, I've pretty much given up expecting RevCam to make sense anyway.

Annie tells Simon and Ruthie to go to bed, which causes Simon to whine that he never got any ice cream. Get over yourself, brat. People have real problems. Like your grandmother, who's about to go into permanent hiatus.

Grandma's in the kitchen with Lucy and Mary, who are filling her in on Dopey's latest wacky hijinks. Grandma feels sorry for Dopey -- not because he's stupid and weird and a really bad conversationalist, but because he "has no one to confide in." She goes on to guilt the girls into making up with each other. Hmm -- I didn't think you could become an angel until after you're dead. It's obvious that the girls don't know Grandma's dying, so it looks like Dopey and the CamRents are the only ones who know so far.

Grandma continues her good works upstairs, where she tucks in a (mercifully) sleeping Ruthie and gives Simon a pep talk. Simon gives her his cherished moon rocks and asks her to pass them on to Grandpa. She says, "Oh, he'll be thrilled!" I think it's highly unlikely that anyone but Simon would be excited about the crappy moon rocks, but it's nice of Grandma to sugarcoat the truth for him.

Downstairs, we get to listen to the very tail end of a grand ol' Camden hootenanny, starring Annie, her parents, Lucy, and Mary. The girls get shuffled off to bed (not Buffalo -- well, not yet, anyway), and RevCam arrives. Annie tells him he missed the opening of the super-duper airport presents (ooh, airport presents -- hurrah!). Eric tantalizes everyone with the news that Dopey "had some trouble with the van," but then he says he's going to bed before he can follow through with the story. As he's leaving, Grandma grabs his arm and says, "Eric, when he comes in, talk with him and forgive him." Oh, brother! Woman, will you just die already? Okay, I lost both my grandmothers within the past ten years, and I still miss them a lot and get weepy thinking about them sometimes, so -- believe it or not -- I really am pretty sentimental. But this woman is working my last nerve, and the saintly act is getting old real fast.

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