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In The Blink Of An Eye

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In The Blink Of An Eye

Grandma follows him and tries to make him feel better about walking in on her and Grandpa. Then she tries to make him feel better about disappointing his father earlier in the evening. I'm okay with everything up to this point, but I swear, if she starts singing that damn "Camp Granada" song again, I'm gonna have to take her out behind the barn and shoot her. Okay, all joking aside, she and Matt do seem to have a special bond, and this scene ends up being pretty moving. As she's hugging Matt good night, RevCam walks in. She hugs him, too and leaves so he can speak to Dopey.

RevCam and Dopey make up. At least until next week.

It's early morning, and the CamRents are still asleep. Grandma comes in and kisses Annie on the cheek. She says, "I love you, Annie...but I have to go now." Her image fades away. Annie is fully awake now, and she calls out, "Mom?" She gets up and walks down the hall to see her father coming out of his room. He says, "She's passed on, Annie. She's gone." But they didn't even get to go to the water park! Okay, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. As I watch Annie holding onto RevCam and her dad while they all cry, I may have shed a tear or two myself. Maybe. But don't tell anyone. After all, I've got a reputation to maintain.

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