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In The Blink Of An Eye

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In The Blink Of An Eye

Lucy has enlisted SuperMom's help in keeping Eric distracted during the big date she has planned that evening with the hateful Jimmy Moon. Except she claims it's not really a date. I don't blame her for lying. I mean, like most people, I've got a few skeletons in my closet that I wouldn't want to own up to, but if there were an alternate universe where I would even consider having anything to do with Jimmy Moon, I certainly wouldn't want to admit it to anyone either. Annie has concocted a plan that involves RevCam and her father helping out with the Meals on Wheels program, and she says that they will probably go to the pool hall afterward. RevCam walks into the kitchen, cutting short Annie's gloating over her terribly clever plan. Eric asks Mary what her plans are with Jeff for the evening. When she looks annoyed, he says, "That's right, I'm prying. It's my job." Wow -- so RevCam used to be at least somewhat self-aware on the earlier shows, unlike the dour stalker he became in seasons four and five. Mary says she and Jeff "might drop by a party or something." RevCam reacts as though she'd said she and Jeff were planning to shoot up some heroin and have anonymous sex with strangers. After a rapid-fire round of questions regarding the party, RevCam informs Mary that she cannot attend. When Mary wonders what she's supposed to tell Jeff now, RevCam says, "He knows we're your parents," which is a pretty funny line. Obviously, Mary doesn't think so, though, because she storms off.

RevCam turns to Lucy and asks, "So what time is Prince Charming swinging by tonight?" How quaintly phrased! I hope that means we can look forward to Eric incorporating phrases like "the cat's pajamas" and "twenty-one skidoo" into his daily lexicon soon. Lucy says, "Seven-thirty," to which RevCam replies, "Good, I should be back by then." Lucy rolls her eyes and leaves, thank God. Her annoying geometric shirt was driving me crazy. Annie tries to convince Eric to stay out a little longer so that she can have some time alone with her mother. I don't know why she needs Eric out of the house for that. Doesn't the manse have, like, a hundred rooms or something? Oh wait -- I must be thinking of the real Spelling home. The CamPound is pretty damn big, though.

Annie goes to answer the phone, while Dopey comes in to the kitchen to talk to RevCam. He asks if he should be picking up his grandparents soon, but Eric points out that Matt is "still under restriction for staying out all night." Okay, while it's nice to see some continuity from the last episode that's just weird. It's not like Dopey's asking to use the car to drive his friends to the beach; he's volunteering to pick up his freakin' grandparents, for crying out loud. You'd think RevCam might realize that Dopey's just offering to do him a favour. RevCam's stupid, though.

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