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In The Blink Of An Eye

Annie announces that her parents won't be visiting until next week, since they have "some things to take care of." She's pretty distraught about this, which is understandable, considering that her mom has leukemia. But all I can think about while she's freaking out is how awful her haircut is, and that her dress really is too ugly for words. And maybe it's just the colour balance on my TV, but her make-up looks like it was put on by the Mary Kay representative I allowed into my home when I was younger and less capable of saying no to people. By the time this woman was done with the blusher and eye shadow, I looked like a crack whore who'd recently enrolled in clown college. RevCam suggests that Annie go to Arizona, and I second that so that I won't have to keep looking at what the hair, make-up, and wardrobe people have done to her. She asks RevCam if he can handle everything alone, and he says he can. When he hints that Matt can help him with the Meals on Wheels, Dopey says, "Hey, unless you guys want me to drop a Pop-Tart off on the way to school, I'm not allowed to drive." Heh, that was funny. In case you haven't noticed, that makes two funny moments already in this episode, which just goes to show you how much better the older episodes are. The CamRents agree that they can make an exception to allow their slave -- er, I mean their son -- to help with the volunteer work.

Simon and Ruthie have a scene together, but after reviewing my life insurance policy and realizing that it doesn't have a clause allowing payment for death by cutesiness, I'm afraid I'll be unable to provide any details, beyond the fact that Ruthie is moving her possessions into Simon's room and he is pissed about it.

As Mary prepares for her date, she complains about her parents, whining, "It's not enough that they're nerds; they have to make me one, too." Believe me -- no one who's see the infamous Gear magazine photos is going to think you're a nerd. A skank with poor judgment, maybe, but not a nerd. When Lucy asks what Mary will do now that she can't go to the party she'd planned on attending, Mary says, "Maybe I'll see if Jeff wants to see Striptease instead." Ha! Three funny jokes so far. Amazing! Oh, no, wait -- I spoke too soon. Now I'm realizing that it wasn't supposed to be funny. You'll have to forgive me, although surely you can understand why I would automatically assume that anyone who claims they want to see Striptease would be joking.

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