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In The Blink Of An Eye

SuperMom comes in and tells the girls that she'll be flying to Arizona for the weekend to spend some time with her parents. Must be nice to be able to afford that. Since the CamRents are always complaining about how poor they are, I'm wondering just how Annie can afford to buy a last-minute airline ticket on a whim. Oh well, that's just a pesky detail anyway. Annie leaves the room. Lucy's thrilled, since with both parents gone, she'll get some alone time with Jimmy Moon. Annie comes back in to tell her that since Dopey "volunteered" for Meals on Wheels, RevCam will be in the house all evening. Lucy's face falls. She doesn't even perk up when Annie adds, "But I told Dad, Jimmy's your date, not his, and he promised to leave you alone." That must have been quite a disappointment for RevCam, since we know all about the great sexual chemistry he has with his daughters' boyfriends -- or at least with The Amazing Robbie, season-five version. Always the insensitive jerk, Mary informs her sister that her date with Jimmy will be ruined. She tells the story of how, the first time Mary had a guy come to see her at the house, RevCam "brought out his guitar and played every country song he knew and the guy ran out of here like he was on fire." Uh-oh -- I'm getting a real bad feeling about where this episode is headed. Well, a worse feeling than usual, that is. Lucy can't stomach the possibility of RevCam with a guitar any more than I can, and she begs Mary to postpone her date and run interference for her and Jimmy. Begging doesn't get any results, but the threat of blackmail does, when Lucy threatens to tell the CamRents about Mary planning to see an R-rated movie. Uh-huh, yeah, I'm buying that as realistic.

A commercial break gives me the opportunity to nip out for a caffeinated beverage to wake me from my 7th Heaven-induced stupor. When the show returns, however, I wish I hadn't bothered, since I'm faced with the grim prospect of another atrocious scene involving Ruthie moving into Simon's room. I will say this: although readers have been complaining vociferously about Ruthie since MBTV began, her early acting makes her later work look like it was done by a master thespian. I know it's not exactly fair to pick on a child actor, but who ever said life was fair? Besides, it's probably the writers who deserve to shoulder most of the blame here anyway. I just know that sarcastic Ruthie is far less puke-inducing than the earlier "adorable moppet" Ruthie. And that tells you everything you need to know about this scene.

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