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In The Blink Of An Eye

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In The Blink Of An Eye

Dopey walks into the diner where his girlfriend works. He's just in time to see her stretching to put something on a high shelf. She's wearing a shortish skirt, but because this is 7th Heaven, we don't actually see her ass or anything. Here's a bit of trivia. She may just be the world's dumbest woman, because she says she's been waiting to date Dopey "for a long time."

The doorbell rings at the CamPound. Lucy and RevCam both scurry to answer. RevCam graciously allows Lucy to do the actual door-answering, though he hangs around to spy. Huh -- what is that? It looks like someone propped up a piece of plywood on the Camdens' doorstep. Wait -- my mistake. It's actually Lucy's date, Jimmy Moon. He says something complimentary to RevCam, who replies, "I can see how you charmed my daughter," which sends me into hysterics, because I'll bet Stephen Collins was secretly wishing he could put a little spin on his delivery of that particular line. He suggests watching the movie with Lucy and Jimmy, but Jimmy shoots him down by handing over an extra copy of the movie that he'd dubbed for him. Man, somebody ought to report his plywood ass for copyright infringement.

Mary walks by, and Lucy frantically clears her throat. It's the secret signal for Operation RevCam Removal, remember? Mary just shrugs and walks away, so Lucy is forced to basically tell RevCam to go upstairs.

Simon is trying to get Ruthie to take the upper bunk bed. I don't know why, and I don't care. And neither should you.

Lucy and Jimmy Plywood are sitting on the couch, watching their movie. Lucy is slouched way over and pathetically clutching a pillow. Jimmy Plywood very unsuavely puts his arm around her, and she smiles. Mary spies from the doorway in horror at his cheekiness.

Oh God -- you knew this was coming eventually, didn't you? Mary goes upstairs into the CamRents' room and pulls Eric's guitar out of the closet. When he asks her what she's doing with said guitar, Mary suggests that he go into the "love den" and play some of his "greatest hits." At first RevCam says he doesn't want to "cramp Jimbo's style," but you knew it would only take him a few seconds to change his mind, right?

Dopey is walking his slutty girlfriend, Diana, to the van when they see a homeless guy hanging around. Apparently he was attracted by the smell of Salisbury steak emanating from the van. I wonder if car air fresheners come in that flavour. And if so, what shape are they? Nondescript brown blobs? The homeless dude is disappointed to find out that there are no dinners left, but Dopey does slip him a few bucks, which is a nice gesture. Once again, I haven't a clue where the cash-strapped Dopester was supposed to have got this money, but do I care in any deep and meaningful way? You probably know the answer to that by now. Doin' Ya -- I mean, "Diana" -- comments that giving money to the homeless guy was "amazing" of Matt, and she kisses him. She's not even embarrassed to get into the icky, Salisbury steak-scented van.

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