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Just You Wait And See

Great, my very first 7th Heaven ever, and it has to start with Ruthie. She's checking the mail. At first I think that all of Mr. Stupidhead's exhortations for Ruthie to shut up have somehow robbed her of her natural speaking voice, because she's meowing. Oh, wait, my mistake. The meowing is coming from a cat, a very brave cat who's not afraid to be picked up by Ruthie. She cuddles the poor kitty, who doesn't know what he's in for, and thanks someone -- God, I presume.

Lucy walks into the kitchen, and Annie asks her how she's enjoying being "Glenoak's newest licensed driver." Lucy finds it exhilarating to drive with the wind in her hair, though Simon points out that "you can't feel the wind when you're only going five miles an hour." Lucy claims she was driving so slowly because Mary was sticking her feet out the window. Mary says, "Hey, I gotta give my dogs some air!" I pray that they'll leave that topic alone, but to no avail. Annie tells Mary to keep her "dogs" inside from now on, and Simon says the "dogs" are more like "horses." Viewers everywhere unite to get a court injunction prohibiting the writers from EVER using the word "dogs" again unless expressly referring to canines.

Annie must be the only person who cares where Ruthie is, because she asks. When Lucy says Ruthie's checking the mail, Annie says, "Oh, no, I already got it," like it's some major issue that she had already picked up the mail. She hands Lucy an envelope from the DMV, and it's cute that Lucy's naive enough to be excited about the prospect of seeing her new driver's license photo. She'll learn. The photo is bad, but not nearly as bad as mine, which has been known to make surly club bouncers break out giggling. Mary and Simon start laughing, and even Annie has to leave the room. Lucy retaliates by telling Mary, "You have big feet!" Hmm, maybe this show has potential after all.

Annie finds Ruthie and apologizes for getting the mail, since this is apparently Ruthie's job. Whatever. Ruthie says she doesn't mind about the mail, which leads Annie to comment, somewhat suspiciously, that Ruthie's in a good mood. In order to throw her mom off the trail, Ruthie launches into some of her patented Adorable Demon Urchin shtick, claiming that she loves school and that she's hurrying upstairs to do her homework because she "loves homework almost as much as [she] loves school." Spare me. Is it even remotely a surprise to anyone that Ruthie is carrying the cat in her knapsack to hide it from the family? No, I didn't think so. ["Even the fact that the cat looks just like my own beloved feline couldn't redeem this subplot." -- Sars]

Back in the kitchen, Eric "RevCam" Camden jogs in and shoves a bouquet of flowers right into his wife's face, telling her to stop and smell them, which she does. It turns out RevCam's medical check-up went well, so he and Annie share a kiss to celebrate. RevCam says he has learned to manage his stress and use it to face life's challenges. Annie praises him for getting back on track health-wise, especially considering all the family has been through lately. Is that just pointless exposition, or is it crappy foreshadowing? And besides if I were Annie and all my major life problems were neatly wrapped up over the course of an hour each week, I don't know how much energy I'd put into kvetching. The doorbell rings. RevCam answers it, but not before taking some deep breaths and intoning his Challenge Mantra a couple of times: "I am calm. I am strong. I am capable of handling any challenge." And goshdarnit, people like me! Well, I guess that was some crappy foreshadowing before, because there on the doorstep is Eric's sister, Julie, who says she's leaving her husband. RevCam repeats his Challenge Mantra one more time for good measure. When he gets to the part about "being capable of handling any challenge," Julie asks him if he's capable of carrying her suitcase, which she drops on his feet. Go Julie! Annie makes fluttery little "Take The Stress Down A Notch" hand gestures while RevCam clutches his chest.

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