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Just You Wait And See

Lucy and Andrew pull up to Andrew's house in the "cool" electric van. Andrew just sits there looking dorky until Lucy rolls her eyes and gets out of the car to open his door for him. Then he asks her to walk him to the door. She says, "Why not? This date couldn't get any worse," which I think she's supposed to be saying to herself, except she says it loud enough that there's no way Andrew could not have heard, considering he's only about four feet away when she says it. On the front porch he says he had a great time. I have to give Lucy credit for just saying, "I know," and not lying about what kind of time she had. She turns to leave, but he grabs her and starts kissing her. It looks like they're both enjoying it enough that they don't notice Andrew's parents come outside. What's with all the creepy, overprotective parents on this show? Is it supposed to be Pleasantville or something? It's a strange world when the Camden 'rents seem like the sanest adults in town. Right there on the porch, with both his parents watching, Clueless Andrew asks Lucy out on another date. Lucy declines and runs to her car. Smart girl, that Lucy.

Mary and Simon get home, and Annie starts to leave for the hospital -- without Julie! Har-de-har-har. Julie wanders into the kitchen and says it's too late anyway. She groans in pain. Maybe it's a delayed reaction to that whole "meowch" exchange with Ruthie before.

Oh, good, more commercials.

We're back at the health food restaurant with RevCam and Hank. Dopey rushes in to tell them that Julie's having her baby back at the Camden Compound. RevCam wants to know why Dopey didn't just call them at the restaurant instead of coming over in person. Matt had forgotten the name of the restaurant he just ate at. See, he really does have the IQ of dust.

Ew, it's Ruthie again! She's pouring milk into a bowl. Lucy comes into the kitchen and says, "Mary left the car half in the street. What's going on?" Mary and Simon wander in and everyone informs Lucy that Aunt Julie's having her baby upstairs. They all stop to stare at Ruthie, who says, "What? I like my milk in a bowl." Honestly, this is no weirder than anything else that comes out of her mouth.

Annie is feeding Julie something from a bowl. Julie wants Hank to be there so she can hit him for knocking her up. Yup, I think it's safe to say they've shoehorned all the major childbirth clich├ęs into this week's episode. Annie comforts Julie some more, and Hank and RevCam arrive. Julie orders Hank to leave. He sits down on the bed with her instead. Annie tactfully says she and RevCam will wait in the hallway, but RevCam won't budge. Either he's being protective of his sister or he just wants to interfere some more. Finally, Annie gets him to leave. Julie says she's been acting so crazy because she's scared. She's scared of a lot of things, but mostly of "how bad [she] must look right now." Ugh -- can I wait outside with Annie and RevCam, please?

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