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Just You Wait And See

On second thought, can I wait downstairs instead? Annie and RevCam are saying "I love you" to each other, and I'd rather not have to watch. The doorbell rings. It's a neighbour and her son, Billy. Billy's looking for his kitten. Annie calls Ruthie downstairs and ask her if she knows anything about the kitten, who chooses this moment to meow from Ruthie's knapsack. Ruthie tries to blame it on Aunt Julie. Bet you didn't think they could milk that pathetic joke any more! Annie makes Ruthie give the cat back, the neighbour slips Ruthie a twenty, and that's enough about that.

Julie gives birth.

The kids are in the kitchen, and Lucy is complaining about her date. Dopey says, "Welcome to our world," just to reinforce the idea that because Lucy drove on her date, she is now a man. Deena calls Simon and forgives him, so now Simon wants a ride to Deena's place. Mary comments that they haven't heard any screaming for a while. Just then RevCam and Annie start shouting for joy upstairs. Ruthie comes down to inform the rest of the kids that Aunt Julie had her baby, but Ruthie doesn't know what gender it is. Ruthie offers to buy ice cream for everyone, so they all just up and leave, without telling their parents or waiting to see if the baby is okay. On the way out, Mary asks Simon what she should do with Diane's phone number, and Simon tells her to burn it. That oughtta teach that pushy Diane that girls shouldn't make the first move!

Annie and RevCam come into the kitchen to tell the kids the big news on the gender of Julie's baby, except they keep looking around the empty kitchen for what seems like an eternity. Come on, the kitchen ain't that big. RevCam says he's "excited enough for everybody," and there's a pointless exchange about how he and Annie are now uncle and aunt for the first time. Kissy kissy.

Hank and Julie are basking in postpartum bliss with their baby. It's a girl, in case you care. They try to come up with names. Hank suggests "Julie." Julie doesn't like the sound of "Julie Jr.," which doesn't even make any sense, seeing as how women don't even use the "Jr." suffix. They settle on an amalgamation of the names "Eric" and "Annie." Meet Erica. Kissy kissy.

The paramedics arrive. They apologize for taking so long but they had the wrong address. Wacky! Annie asks Eric how he's doing and he dredges up the dumb ol' Challenge Mantra again. They decide to buy a new bed. Kissy kissy!

In upcoming November Sweeps episodes, Mary may be facing jail time and Simon gets caught making lewd hand gestures. I can't wait to see which of these topics gets treated more seriously.

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