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In the kitchen, RevCam and Vic are in conference. They're both all suited up, so it looks like the wedding is going on as planned. Vic says that when Kevin pointed out that things were fine the way they were, he thought that maybe they shouldn't get married and possibly "mess things up." Anyway, no one feels that way anymore, so it's wedding time. In the living room. Vic runs off as Simon enters, full of good news about his medically cleared wang. RevCam reminds Simon that he did make a deal with "the Almighty" about those STD test results, and Simon says he sure did. He's seen the light now, and is wearing a huge-ass silver cross around his neck to show for it. Oh man, he is going to annoy the hell out of people when he gets back to campus. "The first step to wisdom is the fear of God," Simon Bible-quotes, "or something like that." "Yeah…something…like that," says RevCam, because he sure as hell doesn't know it.

Simon says he's going back to school now. He won't be staying the weekend, as he only came in case he "needed" RevCam. And now he doesn't, and he has a "higher power" in his life. RevCam notices Simon's cross, which Simon says Annie gave to him. It does look like women's jewelry, that's true. Weird how Simon didn't have his own cross, though. Actually, does anyone in this family wear cross jewelry at all? You'd think RevCam would have some kind of necklace, being a pastor and all, but I try to avert my eyes whenever he's on screen, so I wouldn't know. RevCam says the cross can remind Simon of the promises he made. Simon hugs RevCam. "Good night. God bless," Simon says, and leaves. RevCam shakes his head all, "How the hell did I, A PASTOR, manage to raise a God-fearing son?"

The CamFam take their seats for the wedding of two people they haven't seen in over a year. Kevin apologizes to Vic for leading him down the wrong, LEAP-OF-FAITH-free path, then asks if Vic was this nervous for his first wedding. Vic says he doesn't remember it. SamVid ask why. Vic says he wasn't "feeling well." SamVid ask if he was sick. Vic says he was, for "many, many years." I love how Vic has this really impatient tone when he talks to the twins. I missed Vic this season.

Ruthie walks in, wearing a long-sleeved shirt that's missing its bottom half. Peter stands up and says she looks nice. Ruthie asks Peter where his girlfriend is. Peter says the wedding was last-minute. Ruthie says that's the same reason why her boyfriend isn't around. Well, that and the fact that WHY WOULD YOU INVITE YOUR BOYFRIEND TO YOUR EX-BOYFRIEND'S PARENTS' SECOND WEDDING?! The doorbell rings, and Ruthie runs off to answer it. Vic loudly asks Peter what he's talking about with this girlfriend. Looks like Peter doesn't have a girlfriend after all! He lied to make Ruthie feel like crap. I love it.

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