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Vincent's at the door, and he wants to go out with Ruthie, even though I thought she was grounded. Ruthie invites him to a wedding. I thought wedding guests were at the discretion of the people getting married, but apparently not. Ruthie introduces Vincent to everyone, and RevCam comes in, ready to start the ceremony.

The doorbell rings again, and RevCam runs off to answer it. It's Lynn and Russell, wearing a dorky blazer over his bright red mock turtleneck. It seems that, despite having all the free time that comes with not having to raise your own kids, Russell hasn't done any research on the latest fashions. Anyway, Lynn and Russell are coming over unannounced because they have some things to work out, and they need RevCam's wise counsel. "Are you busy?" Lynn asks him. That would have been a better question to ask, oh, say, over the phone when you called before showing up on someone's doorstep. RevCam says he actually is busy. Lynn and Russell don't really care, and tell RevCam how a nurse at the hospital is baby-sitting their daughters so they can have their first date and/or second counseling session. Man, they're imposing on everyone tonight! The hospital staff, the pastor, and, as they soon see, a wedding. Lynn suddenly realizes that RevCam is, just as he said, busy, and doesn't have time to counsel anyone. Of course, RevCam invites them to watch the wedding of two people they don't know who may or may not want them there, and they step inside.

RevCam introduces Russell and Lynn to everyone in the room, and I wait for him to say that it takes a real LEAP OF FAITH to be friends with black people. He's doesn't, though. Best Man Peter, Vic, and Paris stand before RevCam, and the rude guests proceed to talk amongst themselves. Ruthie and Vincent sort of make up, and Lucy admits that Kevin "did okay" as a stay-at-home dad. Kevin picks his arm up from around his wife and puts it on his own leg. They hate each other.

RevCam does his reverendly duties and makes a terrible speech about how life is full of choices, like right or wrong, or soup or salad. Everyone laughs, because solemn occasions like weddings are the perfect time to work on your stand-up routine. RevCam talks about TAKING RISKS and making LEAPS OF FAITH and how we should all take risks even though I thought we just learned that both Martin and Simon's risk-taking was a bad thing. As RevCam is telling Paris and Vic that their risk to "see each other again" is about to "pay off," a phone rings. Martin apologizes and runs out of the room to answer it. I know he's waiting for that call and it's really important and all that, but you'd think he would have just put the phone on vibrate so as not to be such a rude prick.

RevCam continues with the service, and is noticeably shocked to see that Vic's real name is George. That's not very professional, to not know the real name of the people you're marrying, and to make it so obvious that you didn't do any research ahead of time, but I guess it's what you get when you ask a guy who hates God to be your wedding minister, and hold the ceremony in his living room. Paris takes Vic to be her husband, and Vic takes Paris to be his wife. Peter smirks. RevCam says they're officially married again, and gives them permission to kiss. This is not too easily accomplished, as Paris is hugely pregnant. But they manage to work it out, because that is a RISK WORTH TAKING. Everyone claps except Russell and Lynn, who are like, "Why are we here? What is this?" As everyone congratulates the newlyweds, Martin runs in to piss on their moment by announcing that his dad is coming home. Marine Daddy is going to be really surprised when he sees how expensive coffee got. Everyone rushes to congratulate Martin, except for Lynn and Russell, who are still seated. I think Lynn was just convinced that moving the hell away from Glenoak is the right thing to do.

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