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After the commercial, Russell is still crying and talking about what a bad person he is for abandoning his family. Admitting that doesn't mean you suck any less, Russell. He tells us about how he and Lynn were crushed when Tonya was diagnosed with sickle cell. They weren't planning on having a second child, but they "weren't careful," so along came Kristy, and she had sickle cell, too. Russell couldn't bear to watch his children be in pain and have strokes and die like his mother did, but he sucked it up and decided to be the best possible support he could for his children. Oh, no, wait, I'm sorry -- he actually just ran away. He's back in Glenoak because he realized that his daughters don't have to suffer like his mother did.

Annie attempts to read in the complete darkness of her bedroom. Lucy walks in and broaches the subject of going back to work, and Annie babysitting Savannah. Annie laughs, then, realizing that Lucy is serious, says no several times. "Let me just say this for the record," she concludes. "I do not want to take care of my beautiful granddaughter, whom I love dearly, while her mother goes back to work. No." Lucy bugs out her eyes, simply unable to believe that her parents aren't taking care of her twenty-two-year-old ass. Oh, that was a great scene.

Ruthie's on the phone with Vincent, even though she isn't supposed to be able to talk for more than fifteen minutes a day. She tells him all about Peter, and how she can't believe he said (off-camera, very regrettably) that he didn't have feelings for her anymore, and Peter sure did get cooler during his absence. Ruthie asks Vincent if he finds it as odd as she does that, after "dating" for a year and a half, Peter suddenly wouldn't have any feelings for her. Vincent doesn't respond. Ruthie prods him, and he says that he doesn't understand why his girlfriend is talking his ear off about her ex-boyfriend and how upset she is that he doesn't have feelings for her. Vincent thinks that Peter doesn't have feelings for Ruthie because he has a new girlfriend, although Vincent doubts Peter would be so stupid and rude as to tell her about Ruthie. And then he hangs up on her, which was great.

In the Treehouse of Martin, Simon is sitting in quiet contemplation, so what better time for RevCam to try to talk to him about sensitive matters that Simon obviously doesn't want to discuss? But first, RevCam wants to know where Martin is. Simon says he doesn't know, because, unlike the rest of his family, he isn't a tattletale. And RevCam can't call Martin to find him, because Martin left his cell phone behind. RevCam suspects that Martin left the phone behind on purpose so that RevCam wouldn't be able to call him, like, way to be both technologically ignorant and self-obsessed at the same time. When I don't want to talk to certain people on my cell phone, I do this thing called "checking the caller ID," and then I choose whether or not I'll answer. Simon says that someone's been trying to reach Martin all night. RevCam says he'll wait for Martin to come back, and hey! Maybe RevCam and Simon can have a talk in the meantime.

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