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RevCam asks Simon if he's worried about the test results. Simon says he isn't, because he used protection. Yes, well, protection in CamLand only works about three percent of the time, thus giving us surprises like SamVid and Savannah, so I'd be pretty damn worried if I were Simon. Well, I would if the STD I was at risk of getting weren't easily curable. RevCam asks Simon if he maybe didn't use protection -- "TOOK A RISK" -- but lied to everyone about it. Simon says no way. RevCam says "yeah," like he doesn't believe a word that comes out of his sex-havin' son's mouth, then notices a Holy Bible next to Simon's chair. He quickly makes a mental note that the kitchen chair is uneven again now that the support is gone, then says he finds it "interesting" that Simon has gotten all godly recently. I find it boring, but that's me. RevCam wonders if Simon struck a deal with God to stay STD-free. Yeah, or maybe Simon just reads his Bible because, unlike the rest of his supposed church-going family, he's religious.

Kevin's rooting around the fridge to steal some food out of SamVid's mouths when Vic comes to the door. Kevin tells him that RevCam isn't around, but Vic tells Kevin that he'll "do." "Thanks!" says Kevin, who doesn't know a backhanded compliment when he hears one. Vic needs some advice about his upcoming nuptials. He thinks Paris is only marrying him because she's pregnant. Kevin points out that pregnant or no, Paris doesn't have to marry anyone. A lot of women are single moms, Kevin says, trying to take the disapproving edge out of his voice. "Nothing says you have to get married," Kevin says. Vic says that's true; their lives have been great this last year (mostly due to their having no contact with the Camdens, I suspect), so it would be stupid to mess around with things by getting married. Vic thanks Kevin for telling him not to get married. Kevin stares: his eyes, squinty; his jaw, slack.

Ruthie calls Peter on the Lame Clear Phone. Peter's bedroom must be crowded nowadays, considering it's the same set as Vincent's room. Not that Peter or Vincent would mind sharing a bedroom all that much, I suspect. Peter answers the phone, and his obvious disappointment at hearing Ruthie's voice is awesome. He tells her that he knows she has a boyfriend now, and he has a girlfriend. "We're in a committed relationship," says Peter. Well, I heard they got pinned. I was hoping they would. Now they're living at last. Goin' steady for good. Peter says there's really nothing else for them to say to each other, and they hang up. Peter may well have made up for all of last season with that one scene.

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