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Ruthie finds Vincent at school. He's wearing his only shirt, the one with the vertical stripes. He doesn't want to talk to Ruthie, and she doesn't understand. She likes Vincent, not Peter, so why is Vincent angry? Vincent says he thinks that Ruthie was just upset that Peter rejected her before she could reject him. Ruthie says that's not the case. Vincent then calls Ruthie on calling Peter after she talked to him because she just "had to know" if he had a girlfriend. "He…I…he…" says Ruthie, sounding more and more like RevCam every day. She begs Vincent not to be mad at her. "That's the chance you took when you picked up the phone last night," says Vincent, like he can be all self-righteous after dumping Ruthie two weeks ago and then dating another girl immediately afterwards.

Martin yells at Zoe about how she made him go out last night and he missed a call from his dad that could have been bad news. Zoe says that it isn't her fault that Martin went out without taking his cell phone, and she's totally right. Martin storms away, and she pathetically follows him, apologizing left and right for making Martin take such a "RISK." "Doing the wrong thing is always a RISK," says Martin, "and my dad is adventurous and all that, but he never does the wrong thing." Yeah, hero-worshipping your parents is cute and normal when you're a kid, but by the time you're Martin's age, you should probably recognize the fact that your parents are human and have flaws. Even if they are soldiers in Iraq. Martin says he'll call Zoe when he hears from his dad. Zoe manages not to collapse from hunger. Thanks, food stamps!

Paris walks right on into Kevin and Lucy's room. She sees Kevin asleep in a rocking chair. He's holding Savannah, and I'm not sure if that's the safest thing to do. Couldn't you drop the baby? I drop stuff when I fall asleep all the time. I guess Kevin doesn't need to worry too much, though, as he could drop Savannah, give her permanent brain damage, walk out on her and Lucy for a few years, then come back when he found a way to be a father that wasn't so difficult, and that would be okay. Kevin wakes up, and Paris asks him if he told Vic not to marry Paris. "Um…not exactly," Kevin non-answers.

Simon Bibles it up. His phone rings, and he rushes to answer it. "Simon Camden!" he says. What college student answers the phone that way? I did that once when I knew a possible job was calling, and the guy laughed at me and my faux professionalism. He did hire me, though. The scene ends before we can find out anything about Simon's STD.

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