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Letting Go

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Letting Go

It's nighttime at the CamPound. After the establishing shot, I miss the next little bit of the show while someone in a control room here in Canada botches the switchover from the WB to the Canadian feed. If you're Canadian, you probably already know all about (and detest) simulcasting. If you're not, just be grateful you don't have to live with it. Anyway, the next thing I know, Lucy is in the middle of a phone conversation with Mary, who's telling her that she is in Glenoak. Actually, she's right outside the CamPound, and she's brought the Hunky Buffalo Brothers with her. I really couldn't care less about that, but Lucy's reaction more than makes up for my lack of enthusiasm. Naturally, much energetic making out occurs between Lucy and her pea-brained moron of a beau. Mary watches happily, which is rather creepy. She comments to Ben that Kevin is in love with her sister. Of course he is! Now that they've gotten that crucial first date out of the way, I'm expecting to hear wedding bells any day now. Ben's comment that it's a little soon for love between Kevin and Lucy is ignored -- probably because Mary has no idea what he's talking about. She just wants to know if Ben is in love with her. He wisely chooses not to answer that one, putting Mary off with a kiss instead.

RevCam creeps down the stairs to the CamKitchen, armed with a baseball bat. Instead of the intruder he's obviously expecting, he encounters something much more frightening: his dumb-ass daughters making out with their boyfriends. He's none too pleased, but nobody's paying attention anyway, once Annie comes downstairs and starts cooing over the boyfriends while making sandwiches for them. She obviously wants to make sure that these guys don't get away. After all, her daughters are getting on in years, and she doesn't want to see them end up as old maids when they hit the ripe old age of twenty-one. RevCam tries to guilt Mary about the fact that she hasn't contacted him to discuss her new career, but nobody's paying any more attention to him than they were a few minutes ago, so he leaves.

Upstairs, he starts talking to the other children. They're not paying any attention to him either, but that's probably because they're still asleep. The way RevCam walks around clutching his baseball bat and talking about how Ben and Kevin have entered the CamVerse reminds me a bit of Jack Nicholson in The Shining -- you know, after he loses it. That Jack Torrance character in the The Shining, he was a real family-values kind of guy, wasn't he? Hey, probably more than any of the Camdens. RevCam walks over to Dopey's bed and pulls back the covers to see that the bed is empty. Having been led to believe that he might go on to sniff the sheets, I am immensely relieved to see that he does not. Instead, he just stands there looking angry. Yes, it's just shocking that his twenty-two-year-old son may be spending the night with his fiancée. Shocking, I tell you!

This week's Opening Credits Timewaster comes to you from the fertile creative mind of Brenda Hampton, which probably explains why it sucks so bad. Actually, the rest of the episode comes to you from Brenda also, but it's a little early to weigh in on its suckage yet. Hey, let's give it a chance! Maybe Brenda will come up with something really stellar this time. Heh. I'm just joshing. Annie is sleeping, while RevCam does all sorts of things to try to wake her up subtly. He opens the blinds and rearranges her covers until I'm so bored that I'm tempted to nod off myself. Why doesn't he just wake her up already? Finally he does, to try to talk to her about Dopey staying out all night. I really can't blame Annie for telling him she would rather sleep.

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