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Letting Go

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Letting Go

Out in the hallway, Eric accosts Ruthie to badger her about Dopey's whereabouts. She distracts her father by telling him that Lucy and Mary spent the night sleeping in the living room with their boyfriends. She tells him, "It's like their own Temptation Island." That can't be true, because Temptation Island is terribly hilarious, and this show is just, well, terrible. As RevCam races down the stairs to the living room, I'm left with the unsettling feeling that this scene is supposed to be funny somehow, though I'm really not seeing the humor myself. Eric looks in on the kids and sees his daughters sleeping on the couch, the boyfriends on the floor. Looking a little disappointed to have missed the big orgy, he turns around to leave.

He sees Dopey walking into the CamKitchen. Hey, that must mean it's time for a lecture! Heroically managing to keep a straight face, RevCam berates Dopey for staying over at his fiancée's house. He assumes the kids slept together, and Dopey doesn't bother to protest. Just as Eric's really warming to his "no sex before marriage" topic, the Hunky Buffalo Brothers walk in. They must be a little freaked out to see this side of Eric, but they hide it well behind their bland, pretty facial expressions, as Ben awkwardly tries to explain that he and his brother haven't been banging RevCam's daughters. I'm just grateful that RevCam decides to leave before this scene could get any more annoying.

Unfortunately, RevCam changes his mind and comes back in the door, saying, "Eureka, I've still got it! Thank you, God." I'm not sure what Eric thinks he has, but I'll bet it's an idea for a new stalking technique. If so, I sincerely doubt he received any divine intervention to come up with it.

Actually, RevCam's fantastic idea seems to have more to do with meddling than stalking, although the two fields are pretty closely related. So what's his great idea? He plans to badger Ruthie some more about any secrets she may know about Matt. Ruthie's pretty good at diverting him, though, as she claims that she knows lots of secrets about all her family members -- well, except for the twins, who are too lame to do anything more than spout bad half-lines of dialogue. Ruthie even knows Eric's big secret, which is that he sneaks cookies at night when he thinks nobody is watching. Wow, that's fascinating. With material like that, she could write a killer tell-all book one day. RevCam asks her how she knows about the cookie-sneaking, and Ruthie informs him that she likes to hang out in the kitchen after everyone's asleep. That sounds kind of creepy to me, actually, but this is Ruthie we're talking about. RevCam starts questioning her about any phone calls she makes from the kitchen late at night. He seems to think this will yield some big secret about Dopey. Man, what a freak. The phone rings before he can get any info, though, and the caller is someone he's supposed to meet for a family counseling session. You mean he's actually been sitting here this whole time, pointlessly hassling Ruthie, when he should have been working? That's responsible. I'm so glad he has his priorities straight. He leaves, and Dopey comes into the room to glare menacingly at Ruthie, who just shrugs at him.

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