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Letting Go

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Letting Go

Dopey is trying to sneak out of the house with his overnight bag, but he is stopped by Ruthie near the front door. She begs him to take her with him, but he refuses, obviously not wanting her to wreck his big night o' passionate adult relations. As he's lecturing Ruthie about keeping his secret, RevCam walks downstairs and starts interrogating him about whether he's married yet. Before this goes very far, the phone rings again, and it's that couple Eric is supposed to be counseling. Dopey and Ruthie make their escape as RevCam gives the caller instructions on how to get to his church. You see, they were at the wrong church before, and that's why -- oh, who cares. I think the big mystery here is why anyone would clog up sweeps-month airtime with stuff like this. Is there a single viewer out there who actually wants to listen to Eric discuss every minute detail of his day? What's next? Extended footage of Annie cleaning the bathroom? Detailed shots of Robbie brushing and flossing his teeth?

RevCam starts to rush off again, but he still can't make it out the door. He's had another crappy idea, you see. He wants to find the phone bill so he can see who Ruthie called the night Dopey got married. He's so excited about this latest plan that I don't even want to spoil his mood by telling him that phone bills don't show your local calls. Now, nobody knows for sure whether the hotel where Dopey and his new bride were staying was actually in Glenoak, but how else would Ruthie have found it? As RevCam frantically searches the kitchen for the latest phone bill, the phone rings. Boy, I really hope it's that mystery counseling couple, since I can't wait to hear the latest on that storyline. Will RevCam give them detailed instructions on finding parking and where his office is located? If so, I really hope he shares those details with us viewers! Alas, the female half of the couple is merely calling to find out what the hell is up with RevCam, since he isn't at the church to meet them. That's right -- your minister has some super-important stalking and meddling to do, and it's more urgent than your piddly concerns about your runaway son, so just cool your jets, lady. Simon, who takes the call, tells RevCam that the woman sounds "annoyed." At this point, who isn't?

RevCam leaves, and the phone rings again. Simon answers it. The caller is someone named Patty Mary who is looking for Kevin. I know I'm by no means the first person to comment on this, but it certainly bears mentioning again and again. What the hell kind of a name is Patty Mary? Simon displays his usual charming Camden phone manners by interrogating Patty Mary and refusing to call Kevin to the phone.

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