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Life Is Too Beautiful

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Life Is Too Beautiful

What the hell? Why do I have bite-marks on my ankles? Oh, it's Ruthie -- and she is ROCKIN'! Seriously, Ruthie is rocking out in her room to some really heavy tunes. She's dancing and prancing, twisting and turning, and even though she hasn't said anything yet, I'm going to tell her to shut up once just for good measure. Ruthie, shut up. So Simon barges into her room, shuts off the music, and informs her that she needs to take a bath. She claims, "I did," but Simon noticed that her towels were surprisingly dry for someone who just took a bath. ("He felt her towels? Dude, get a life." -- Sars) Ruthie: "You're starting to get on my nerves." I see her point, but still, shut up, Ruthie. Pissed at having to take a bath (I remember feeling that way), Ruthie storms out of the room as Lucy enters. She wants advice. From Simon. Whatever. Simon says, "Fire away, Lucy." Mr. Stupidhead says, "Don't mind if I do, Simon," as he steadies his Cougar Magnum. Lucy doesn't know what she wants to do with her life, so Simon offers, "Well, in the past, what has made you the most confident and happy with who you are?" From the look on Lucy's face, he deducts that she's thinking, "Boys." Lucy: "Big help. I could have told me that." Like, ha ha. Not (tm Sars). And furthermore, "Boys?" I'm sorry, I don't care what anybody says -- I know for a fact that the last things that high school boys make high school girls feel are "confident and happy." But you never know, maybe in 7th Heaven-land. So Lucy leaves, and Matt comes in just to make fun of Simon some more. He says "Hey! I think you got a five-o'clock shadow there, pal! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!" Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Matt and Ruthie in the bathroom. Ruthie doesn't have to take a bath. Lucy comes in and asks Matt the same question she asked Simon about what she should do with her life.

Ruthie rubs it in Simon's face that "Matt said I didn't have to take a bath. HA ha ha HA HA." Simon's pissed, so he runs into the bathroom to see what in the Sam Hill is going on there and finds Lucy talking with Matt, which for some reason makes him even more uppity. He demands to know why Matt let Ruthie get out of taking her bath (whatever), and why Lucy is talking to Matt. Lucy: "We're talking about my future, if you don't mind." Simon: "I do mind." Lucy: "Listen, poohead. Just because you were in Phenemenon doesn't mean you can boss us around!" Actually, she says: "Well, that's too bad, because Matt might actually be helpful." Ouch. Simon's outta there. Lucy and Matt continue their discussion. Matt thinks Lucy should consider technical school, because she's good with her hands, and there are a lot of guys at technical school. Lucy doesn't appreciate this comment, nor Mr. Stupidhead this scene.

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