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Monkey Sex And Strumpets

RevCam paces the kitchen nervously while Annie does the dishes. He's worried about how late it is and how Matt isn't home. Annie says that she's worried, too, but doesn't want to consider the what-ifs. RevCam pretends to help by picking up a dish, but Annie tells him that she'll do it while RevCam goes upstairs to help Snappy entertain Ruthie. RevCam says he won't go up there, and then he makes fun of poor Snappy's speech impediment again.

A child's record player plays a Barney-esque song while Snappy and Ruthie dance around it. Upon completion, Ruthie says that that was about as much fun as she's allowed to have, which is as true as it is sad. Ruthie tries to get Snappy to leave by saying it's her bedtime, but Snappy won't be deterred. I laugh and laugh at the idea of Ruthie being plagued by someone actually more annoying than her, and thus seeing how we all feel whenever she's on screen. Snappy says that she knows how important it is that kids learn stuff, and that's why she does live shows and make tapes and books. Ruthie asks if Snappy's portrayer is making lots of money through educating children. Now, wait just a gosh-darned minute! If this show is trying to suggest that Mr. Rogers did children's shows just because he was making money and not because he cared about children, then everyone involved in putting this sentiment on the screen can die and go to hell. Snappy agrees that she should be going, and asks Ruthie if she's still mad at her. Ruthie says she's not mad at anyone, but we see that she is crossing her fingers behind her back. And if you think that Ruthie thanked Snappy for taking so much time out of her busy schedule to play with her, then, again, you must be watching a different show. After Snappy leaves, Ruthie throws her Snappy stuffed animal in the trash and says she still doesn't believe in God.

Mary and Lucy sit on the couch with their little boy dates, like, why haven't they just said that this isn't going to happen and shown them the door yet? That's what I would do if I were ever stupid enough to accidentally date a little boy. Simon is seated on a nearby chair with Happy, watching the scene with just a little too much glee. Kyle and Casey try to put their arms around Mary and Lucy in unison. I don't know why Lucy and Mary find them so objectionable; you'd think they would jump -- in unison -- at the chance to be with a pair of guys who do everything at the same time. Kyle and Casey try to make conversation, with little success.

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