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Monkey Sex And Strumpets

Matt and Connie interrupt her father from his couch nap. He says she looks just like her mother in her prom get-up. That's sweet. Connie and Dad resolve their problems while the camera focuses on Matt, who is standing between them, because this scene is all about him. He kisses Connie good night, says he had a great time, and leaves. Connie's dad puts his arm around her. I think everything's gonna be all right.

RevCam and Annie snore on the couch as Matt comes in. He turns the light off, waking them up. They ask about the prom, and he says he had a really nice time and thanks them both for everything as he walks upstairs. Annie says that they can "get it out of him tomorrow." RevCam looks at his watch and says that it's tomorrow already. They goofily run upstairs to interrogate Matt on whether or not he had sex. It turns out that he totally did. Monkey.

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