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Monkey Sex And Strumpets

Suddenly, Mary and Lucy, who are apparently joined at the damn hip at home and at school, see Matt and Connie and stop short, trying to act shocked. Matt tells Connie to come to his house after school and maybe his mommy can make her a prom dress. Then he says that he can wear a dress and she can wear a tux, and she laughs. How ironic it is that when Barry Watson tried to start a post-7th Heaven movie career by wearing a dress, no one laughed.

Connie leaves, walking past Mary and Lucy, and we see that Lucy has won herself the coveted Worst Outfit Of The Episode award with her stunning combination of a short grey skirt made of some synthetic material, with all-white sneakers and white athletic socks that are pulled up to mid-calf. Someone needs to take her to the Fashion Termination Ball. Lucy and Mary wonder if Matt just asked Connie to the prom, and if Mom and Dad know about this. Mary says there's no way their parents would let Matt go to the prom with Connie. Surprisingly, Lucy doesn't want to tell them, since she reasons that if Matt goes to the prom with Connie, he won't be able to ruin her and Mary's dates. Mary says that she's been looking everywhere for someone in the senior class named "Kyle" or "Casey," the names of their dates, but has had no luck. Wait a minute -- did she say Kyle? Surely that's just a coincidence.

And then we're at the junior high, where Kyle taps Simon on the shoulder and tells him that he and his brother have dates tonight. Simon wants to know with who, but Kyle says he can't tell. But Simon will find out soon enough, he says. Oh, snap! Mary and Lucy are going to date little boys! This is a plot point that I'm actually looking forward to seeing!

At the CamPound, Annie tries to fill her empty life with mundane household chores, like fixing the latch on the kitchen cabinets. RevCam comes in and says that he has two tickets to the Snappy show. But wait -- Annie thought the three of them would go, and is immediately suspicious that RevCam is trying to keep her from meeting his ex-girlfriend. It's called looking a gift horse in the mouth, Annie. Stop doing it. RevCam, placed in an awkward situation for like the fifth time this episode, stammers a little until Annie pretends that she was just kidding and is really happy that he got the tickets. She shows Eric that she washed Ruthie's pink dress, since pink is Snappy's favorite color. As RevCam leaves, Matt comes in and drops the "I need an instant prom dress" bomb. Annie does not tell him to direct his queries to the magical seamstress's forest cottage. Instead, because she is an agreeable wimp, she says she'll do the best she can. Matt leaves to get a tux and his prom date.

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