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Lip Service

Ruthie makes her escape and runs into Robbie in the yard. She warns him to stay out of the kitchen so he won't have to sample any of Annie's weird food. Ruthie's not exactly thrilled to be attending this dinner in the first place, though Robbie tries to psych her up for it. That's easy for him to say -- he's staying home to baby-sit the twins. He feeds Ruthie lines about how exciting it will be to attend this first meeting between the two families, especially since she'll have the opportunity to observe "another culture firsthand." Hey, Robbie, she's just going over to someone's house for dinner; she's not spending months in a rainforest studying native culture. There's no killing Robbie's buzz, though, as he tells Ruthie she can be a "young Margaret Mead." Ruthie replies, "Like I don't already know more about human nature than Margaret Mead?" And just what has Margaret Mead taught us anyway? That all those slaves were really happy being slaves? In light of that, it's entirely probable that Ruthie does know more about human nature than the famous anthropologist did, sad to say. She trots off to annoy someone else, while Robbie walks to the back door and starts to open it. After getting a whiff of Annie's cooking, though, he changes his mind and goes around to the front of the house instead. See, it's because Jewish food is so strange and icky. Funny, huh?

Simon and Morris are walking down the sidewalk, exhibiting a heavy flirtatious vibe. Morris is trying to get Simon to invite him to dinner, arguing that he's "half-Jewish" -- whatever that means -- and that he has no plans since someone named Megan broke her date with him. He claims it's because "no one likes [him]" after he brought Simon to Mike's party, though I think it's more likely that she suspects where Morris's true affections lie.

Back in the CamKitchen, Annie is completely frazzled because none of her food has turned out the way she wanted it to. Man, if so, she really has to be the worst cook in the world. RevCam comes in, and Annie starts whining to him about how upset she is that she didn't get to invite the Glasses over first. She loses my attention around the time she starts talking about how the Glasses must think the Camdens are "standoffish" for not inviting them over. RevCam doesn't seem to be listening to her either.

Upstairs in the girls' room, Lucy is trying to figure out how she will get out of going to dinner tonight. Why? She wants to stay home with Robbie to "clean up" the "unfinished business" from their relationship, and apparently no other time will do. Could that be the most contrived subplot ever? I do believe it is. But wait -- it gets worse. Lucy decides that she will fake fainting, and she gives us a little sample of her craptacular fainting technique, but nobody's impressed, least of all me. I do perk up a bit, though, when she suggests cracking her head against a wall. You know, Lucy, if you want to spring for my airfare out to Glenoak, I'd be more than happy to come over and cause you some bodily harm. I could start by kicking your ass. Think about it.

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