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Lip Service

Morris changes the subject by thanking the Glasses for having him over. Dopey brings up the fact that Morris is "half-Jewish." Rabbi Richard is polite enough not to challenge that statement, instead just asking if Morris's family does Shabbat dinner. They don't, although Morris remembers having dinners at his grandfather's place, where they would light "about a dozen" candles. Rabbi Richard points out that Morris must be thinking of Chanukah. Actually, as a few posters have noted in our forum, some people like to light many candles for their Shabbat dinner, so maybe Morris is right after all. I'm a little less inclined to believe it, though, when Morris starts confusing other basic facts, such as calling this dinner a seder. Rabbi Richard puts Morris out of his misery by changing the subject, giving us a little PSA on the various Jewish movements. We learn that the Glasses are Reform Jews, though they keep kosher because Rosina was raised to do so. Rabbi Richard offers to field questions about Judaism, and Ruthie starts off innocuously enough, asking why Mrs. Glass covered her eyes while saying a blessing. (Answer: To focus her devotion.) Ruthie goes on to ask about circumcision, which causes nearly everyone at the table to drop their cutlery. Rabbi Richard handles it well, though, explaining how the custom originated as a covenant between Abraham and God. Ruthie's next statement, "I just wonder what made Him think of that: circumcision," is one which Richard wisely chooses to ignore, however.

Robbie is back at the CamPound, watching a hockey game, when Mary strolls in. She's thrown off her bathrobe and Kleenex and dolled herself up in a pair of tight pants and a midriff-exposing t-shirt. When Robbie comments that she must be feeling better, Mary replies, "Much. I think it was one of those twenty-four-minute bugs." That's probably a joke (and a pretty funny one at that), but the fact that Mary's saying it makes me question if the writers are mocking her again. She demurely asks if she can watch the game with Robbie, then plunks her ass down on the couch so that she's about an inch away from him. Subtle.

Annie is doing her part to make the dinner succeed by complimenting Mrs. Glass's food. Or else maybe she's just fishing for compliments on her own food. Rabbi Richard offers to try her kugel, then pretends he's having a heart attack after one bite of it. Trust me, it's funnier than it sounds. He praises the dish, saying he would give it "five menorahs." What a tool. Mercifully, he changes the subject, joking about how happy he is that Dopey's marrying into his family so that he can regale him with all his "routines." I thank my lucky stars that my own father-in-law is a nice, quiet man instead of a bad stand-up comic whose jokes I'd be forced to fake-laugh at. Really, Richard's still doing better than in past episodes, but I can see how he'd work my nerves hard if I had to spend a lot of time with him. He's pretty gracious, though, about allowing Lucy to use his phone when she rudely requests to do so right in the middle of dinner.

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