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Lip Service

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Lip Service

Before Rabbi Richard can show Eric all the other things he wrecked, Dopey knocks on the door. Let's take a quick look at our scorecard for this episode and see who's taken five minutes or less to resolve their differences so far. There's Mary and Lucy, Annie and Rosina, and RevCam and Richard. Surely Dopey and his father can solve their problems now too. Yep, sure enough, after one little sappy speech from Matt, everything's just hunky-dory again. I could transcribe that speech for you, but I'm sure your time would be more profitably spent by digging up the most hokey Hallmark card you've ever received and rereading the terrible poem that's printed inside it.

At the temple, Rabbi Richard explains the meaning of "Oneg Shabbat" as "Sabbath delight." You know, his voice is kind of soothing, even when he's nattering on about pointless, boring stuff like the oatmeal-raisin cookies that one of the members of his congregation bakes. He very graciously says that one of his delights on this Sabbath was to welcome Dopey and the Camdens into his home and his family. He invites RevCam to say a few words. Unfortunately, Eric takes him up on the invitation and serves up some nice, albeit pedestrian, observations about love. I wonder how many member of the congregation are secretly doing crossword puzzles right now, like my dad always does in church. My mother has never been thrilled about that, but I think she figures it's better to have him look like he's taking notes on the sermon rather than napping, which is what he probably would be doing otherwise. Eventually, RevCam finishes and everyone can go home.

That should give us all a little time to recover before the next episode, which promises to contain a bunch of storylines as fake as the engagement ring Dopey will give his wife.

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