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Little White Lies, Part I

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Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

Pam needs to talk to Asslee. Asslee stares blankly. The scene takes a good five minutes to end.

Matt and Heather's plane has landed, but their gate isn't ready. They'll be stuck on the plane for a while longer. So that's a significant delay on takeoff and another one upon landing? This isn't exactly a ringing endorsement for JetBlue. Matt tells Heather everything that's going on in one hand sign (American Sign Language is incredible like that!) and she says she's really glad she ran into Matt. Matt says he's glad he ran into her, and asks if she wants to have dinner. Heather hedges only slightly, then agrees. She's only been divorced for three months, but she's already an Evil Single Woman.

Nighttime has finally fallen on the CamPound. Matt's home, but no one's there to greet him. Matt finally finds a sign of life in his dad on the couch. RevCam asks Matt why he didn't call; he would have been glad to pick him up. Matt says he just took a cab, which I guess is easy and cheap enough when the airport is, like, right next door or whatever. Father and son embrace, and RevCam says that Annie made Matt's favorite dinner tonight -- turkey with all the trimmings, just like Thanksgiving. Matt's all, "Cool. But I have other dinner plans." Oh, whatever, Matt. I know your family really sucks, but they are your family and you should really try to spend some time with them when you come home. Matt says that he's going to dinner with Heather -- as friends. And he's not telling PC about it. No matter how much RevCam nags him to.

Maria comes upstairs and runs into Peter. Peter, suddenly very uncomfortable, immediately decides to leave. I'm starting to think that the recent forum speculation about Peter's racist tendencies is true. Maria asks Peter to help her with her math homework sometime; Peter says that Ruthie is better at math that he is. But Peter's "nice," says Maria, thereby implying that Ruthie isn't. Ruthie comes upstairs and face-to-face with Maria. The two look at each other, then Ruthie puts a hand up and says, "It's…like looking into a mirror." She also announces that the CamRents have said yes to hosting Maria. Peter unenthusiastically says that's great. Maria says that Peter is going to help her with her math homework. Ruthie hopes they can all be friends. Yeah, like you and Jill? Or Yasmine? WHAT ABOUT YASMINE, RUTHIE?

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