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Little White Lies, Part I

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Tell Me Lies, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

And suddenly it's the middle of the afternoon again, even though, by all appearances at the pool hall, it was nighttime. Great. Annie answers the doorbell to find a women with a Mexican girl. You can just see the sweat beads developing on Annie's forehead as she worries that she's about to meet Ruthie's biological sister. But no, actually, "Maria" is a foreign exchange student. Annie is confused, but invites them into her home, telling Maria to sit in the living room while she observes to make sure nothing gets stolen. The lady gives Annie some forms, and says that by hosting Maria for the rest of her stay in America, she's definitely helping the school and, quite possibly, "the world." Although I wonder if the Camden's last bang-up job hosting a foreign exchange student may have been partially responsible for France's refusing to participate in the war. Why is everyone in this town so intent on making people live in the already overpopulated CamPound anyway? Are they trying to get their money's worth out of their church donations, or is it a scientific experiment to see just how many people can fit in that place before it explodes?

Chandler and Jeffrey enter RevCam's office as he's getting off the phone with Skanko, a.k.a. Kendull the Tutor, who is "very upset." Chandler is very upset too: he wanted a tutor for Jeffrey, not a girlfriend. RevCam's all, "Kendull was valedictorian of her graduating class. She graduated a year early, she's got a 5.0 grade-point average. She's been published, she's a Rhodes scholarship finalist and she's really good with children." Jeffrey says that he liked Kendull a lot, like, isn't he too young for hormones? Chandler realizes that he made a mistake.

We're still on the plane, and Heather and Matt are hanging out in the bathroom line. Matt comes clean. No, not like that. He tells Heather that he lied about being happily married, and he doesn't know if the marriage will last or if he'll make it through med school. Heather has a confession to make too: she's totally divorced, and she's on her way back to Glenoak to start over. At this revelation, she hops in the bathroom while Matt wonders if he can still talk to someone who's committed the sin of divorce.

Ruthie and Peter come home through the back door, where they're met by Annie and RevCam, who transported himself from the church to the CamPound during the commercial break. Annie tells Ruthie that her Spanish teacher and Maria are waiting in the living room. Peter's all, "Buh-bye!" and takes off. Maybe if Ruthie had made out with him the other day, he would have been more supportive. Ruthie explains that Maria was staying with another family, but they suddenly had to go "Back East," leaving Maria without a host family. La profesora del español muy tonta asked if anyone could house Maria for the rest of her stay, and Ruthie, la chica muy molestia, dicho "¡sí!" And then she never had a chance to ask anyone, but figured that the CamRents wouldn't mind, so she told her teacher that the CamRents said yes. And the best part is, since they're hosting Maria now, Ruthie can stay with Maria's family and study in Mexico for the entire next school year! "Cool, huh?" Ruthie asks. Yes, Ruthie, it is cool. It's awesome, in fact. Why don't you head on down to Mexico right now and get a head start on your studies? Meanwhile, RevCam and Annie exchange worried glances and wonder if it might finally be time to tell Ruthie just why she feels so drawn to Mexico.

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