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Little White Lies, Part II

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Lies, Lies, Lies, Yeah!

Vic, Peter, Ruthie, SamVid (I guess there will be no "the twins have disappeared" cliffhanger after all. Damn!), and Maria set the table. Vic asks if Mary's had her baby yet, and if she'll be naming it after him. Now, why would Mary name her baby after Vic -- wait a minute. Has Mary been sneaking back to Glenoak and sleeping with Vic all this time, thus making the parentage of Mary Jr. uncertain? That would be a good cliffhanger. Vic asks Maria how the foreign exchange program works, because exposition dialogue is necessary for the stupider viewers. Maria says that she's staying with the Camdens until the end of the school year, and then Ruthie gets to go to Mexico for however long she wants. Vic asks Ruthie if she's planning on leaving for an entire year. Ruthie says she might. Oh, so awesome. Please go, Ruthie. Take your poor line delivery and its bizarre pauses and go and never come back! Vic asks Maria if she would come back to America. Maria says she could, and she'd want to. She likes America now that she has two lame friends. Whatever. I think Maria and Ruthie need to spend some time together in Mexico. They can finally bond as the sisters they totally are, and Ruthie can meet her real family. Off-screen, of course. SamVid start speaking Spanish, which they're better at than English. I guess they're idiot savants or something. Paris comes in, and all non-Petrowski-Vickerys leave the room even though it's their house. Vic tells Paris that he got a job in Glenoak, as well as an apartment. He'll be moving to town in two weeks. I wonder if he got Matt and John's old swingin' bachelor pad? I think it's pretty safe to say that no one else was stupid enough to rent that dump after they moved out. He asks Paris what she thinks, and she thinks that she's going to kiss Vic and totally lead him on.

Martin comes in the room, and Mac, having broken into the CamPound, enters from another door. Paris, Peter, and Vic take off to let Martin and Mac talk. Martin tells Mac that Asslee dumped him. Mac says he's very sorry about that. Martin says he isn't -- he's better off without her, as his dad in Iraq would say. Oh, did his dad say that when Martin's mom died, too? Mac asks if this is his fault or Simon's. Martin says he's pretty sure it's Simon's, but he'll "love again." And on that note, would Mac like to "hit the batting cages" after they have dinner together? Hmm…it looks like Martin is going to love again sooner than he thought.

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