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"Hey, Mary!" one of the jerkwad customers yells, "We're saving a piece for ya!" He puts on of his hands under the table in a not-actually-suggestive way, and his friends yell, "Woo!" Johnny gestures to Frankie, who struts over to the troublemakers' table in her short skirt which has one of those almost-to-the-waist side slits. Here it comes. Here comes the smackdown. I'm ready. Let's go. The guys are already quieting down when they see her coming. She leans over the table and says, "Do you know who you're talking to? Minister's daughter. Give her a break. Behave yourself." One of the jerks pipes up, "And if we don't?" Get ready! Get ready for the slam! "Then," says Frankie -- you go, girl! Go, Frankie! -- "you're all going to hell." Huh? There has to be more, right? The three jerks chuckle and say "ooh." But then Frankie finishes them off with, "I mean it." OOH! PUT DOWN! The jerks' faces fall. Oh, no! Not hell! They realize that while you can still get into heaven after sexually harassing regular old hot babes, you really must go straight to hell if you bother a minister's daughter. "Sorry, Mary!" they yell in chorus. Yes, "sorry" is definitely the word we're looking for here.

"What did you tell them?" Mary asks Frankie, who waves the question away. The three youngsters discuss the ups and downs of working at Pete's Pizza. Frankie and Johnny invite Mary to have a beer with them after closing. Mary tells them that she's underage and she'd hate for Johnny to get in trouble for selling her alcohol. Johnny assures her that no one will know and the beer will be free. "C'mon, we'll have a real good time," says Frankie. The three of them smile, and we hear the guitar, violin, and oboe of Peer Pressure Foreshadowing.

At the CamPound, Annie's asking Simon the rating of the movie he's taking Lulu to see. Simon says PG-13. So let me get this straight -- she doesn't mind him referring to a classmate as "a hot babe," but she'd hate for him to see any hot babes in action on the big screen. Is that it? Matt hasn't shown up yet. RevCam walks in and carps about Matt ditching his own dad to double date with Simon. "I'm paying him," says Simple Simon as he exits. RevCam shuts up. Annie asks who he's playing pool with, and he has to tell her that he couldn't find anyone to go with him. "Did you call the new priest from the little Catholic church?" she says. That cracks me up. Not only does she expect him to make friends with the other men of the cloth in town, but the writers also feel the need to point out that it's a "little" Catholic church. RevCam didn't invite him because he didn't feel like being on his best behavior. "You know what I mean -- the guy's new in town and he's a...priest," says Eric. Annie asks about Rabbi Stein and "the good-looking single guy" that took over some other little church. RevCam says he'll shoot some pool alone. (Is that what the kids...?) He wants to relax, not worry about being on his best religious behavior. Annie pities him and offers to go along. He suggests that she meet him at the pool hall after her meeting. She gets all happy, because apparently she can't play pool worth jack and he never wants to play it with her. Maybe they could go to a karaoke bar instead. I guess their town's pretty small, though.

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