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Refugee Camp Kwitcherbitchin'

Hey, there's black people in the Glenoak Community Church! What's going on? Oh, they're the Lost Boys, visiting to hear RevCam's sermon. And even though they're the special guests, they still don't get to sit in the front, because the first two rows are reserved for the Camdens and their Camfriends. Unbelievable. RevCam says that sometimes people get "bogged down" in their own little problems -- for example, when he had to pick up the dry cleaning. The Lost Boys have the decency to not laugh in his face when he says this. But then RevCam met the Lost Boys, and by looking at their lives, he realized that his own was superior. And even though they've been through all kinds of terrible, "there is such a sweet sense of joy and optimism about them." RevCam leaves us with a quote from Jacob: "I may called a 'Lost Boy,' but I was never lost to God." He was, apparently, lost to Brenda Hampton, who just made him and the rest of the Lost Boys look like innocent little man-children who no longer have a care in the world, now that they're in the loving embrace of America.

Photo montage time! Black and white pictures of the Lost Boys, looking hungry and miserable in the refugee camps. Then there's an abrupt and completely unskilled edit to happier music and color pictures of the Lost Boys in America. Graduating from college, hanging out, looking around, and sitting in Glenoak Community Church in front of Lucy, who appears to be asleep.

Please don't let this episode be your only source of information about the Lost Boys. Call 1-866-860-2532 or visit www.lostboysofsudan.com to learn more, and in a way that won't be so overtly racist and preachy.

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