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Chandler picks Jeffrey up from school and offers to get him some ice cream. Wait -- Mac and Martin are already finished with both school AND baseball practice, and Jeffrey's school is just getting out? Is it too much to ask that the writers keep some kind of consistent temporal reality? Oh, what am I saying: it's probably too much to ask the writers to stop flinging poo at each other during their meetings. Jeffrey has a message from his teacher: apparently, Jeffrey didn't do all his homework last night. Jeffrey says this is partly Chandler's fault, because if Chandler had just done his homework for him, it would have all been finished. Seriously, Chandler? If you kill the kid, I won't tell anyone. You can get away with it. Do it. Jeffrey says that parents always do their kids' homework for them. Is that some Brenda-ism about today's public education or something? Shut up, Brenda. Chandler whines that he has too much work of his own to help Jeffrey with his. Jeffrey lays the "I thought you were going to be different!" guilt trip on him, so Chandler agrees to help him out with the homework, then walks him back to the car. Jeffrey asks what happened to the ice cream. Chandler says they have too much homework to do to worry about ice cream. Ha!

Back in the kitchen, which appears to be the only CamPound set in operation this week, Annie tells RevCam that she's worried about Ruthie, and has a "bad feeling" that something happened to her. Wait, RevCam's back from work already? It's three o'clock! Annie wants RevCam to call the school, to which RevCam says that he shouldn't have to do anything, since Annie's the one who's worried. Annie says that she can't call anyone because she's in the middle of making dinner and she "still hasn't bathed the twins." And by "still," I'm assuming she means "since they were born." RevCam says that he's too busy too, because in the oven of his mind, all the racks are full. He indicates these "racks" with a series of wild gesticulations, like, ease up on the coffee, Stephen Collins. RevCam tries to retire to the home office to write his sermon when the phone rings. It's the school -- and Ruthie's missing! She never came home from the field trip! Dun dun dunnnnnn!

Ruthie and Peter get off a bus, and they still can't find the train station because they don't know how to read a map, because why would anyone at the tender age of FOURTEEN be able to master such a skill? Ruthie's hungry, but they don't have any money. Peter does have a single raisin, but Ruthie doesn't want it. In fact, she makes a pretty hilarious disgusted expression when he offers it to her. Disgusted expressions and annoyed eye-rolls are becoming Mackenzie Rosman's forte. Ruthie says she's done with this and they have to ask for help. They see two guys approaching, and Ruthie suggests asking them. "I…don't know, Ruthie," Peter says, and there's been some discussion in the forums over whether or not Peter was hesitant because the two men were strangers, or because they were black. I'm pretty sure it was supposed to be the former, but it should have been made a lot clearer, because it really did look like Peter was being racist, and not for the first time. Ruthie walks up to the two guys and introduces herself like a six-year-old might: "Hi! I'm Ruthie, and this is my friend Peter. We're from Glenoak. And we're lost." They respond: "I'm Jacob, and this is Nicodemus. We are from Sudan, and they call us The Lost Boys." Ruthie stares at them blankly and waits for the scene to fade out, while the piano and flute tell us that this is about to become a Very Special Episode.

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