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Refugee Camp Kwitcherbitchin'

The phone rings. RevCam rushes to answer it. Annie bravely tries not to cry over the fact that her fourteen-year-old daughter missed the bus. People need to get a grip here. Ruthie, on a cell phone, tells her dad that she's "somewhere near the zoo." They went on five buses, and they're still near the zoo? Idiots. Ruthie says they're with "the Lost Boys." RevCam tells Ruthie to put one of them on the phone. Nicodemus is the unlucky one who gets it. RevCam thanks him for taking care of Ruthie and Peter, then asks him to stay with them until he gets there. Nicodemus is all, "Of course!" because he probably doesn't know that RevCam lives a couple hours away. Then RevCam actually has the nerve to hang up on him. One thing he never did was ask who the Lost Boys are, apparently just assuming that they're part of the group of refugees from Sudan and not two crazy guys who think they live in a Peter Pan world, or vampires from the eighties, or even two guys pretending to be the Sudanese Lost Boys in order to abduct whoever is stupid enough to entrust their children to them. And even though RevCam was ultimately correct, how does he know that these guys are safe? Just because they went through, like, the worst childhood ever, doesn't mean they're decent guys.

Annie asks what's going on, but RevCam says it's "too complicated" to explain right now, and leaves. Since I very much doubt that Nicodemus was able to give RevCam much more than an address in the three seconds he was allotted to relay the information to RevCam, he probably should have at least looked up the address on Mapquest to find out how to get there, especially considering that it's two hours away and almost definitely unknown territory. After RevCam leaves, Annie stands in front of the kitchen table, hands clasped in prayer, and stares at the ceiling. I think she's praying for a quick end to this scene.

Now it's nighttime, and the Lost Boys are still stuck with the Stupid Kids. Ruthie tells her powerful tale of having to walk all over town to catch five buses, and virtually starving after having only a hot dog for sustenance. Nicodemus offers his food to them, to which Ruthie insincerely says she just couldn't and Peter says they definitely could. And so they do. They take the Lost Boys' food. Ruthie asks if they are homesick. I'll bet they are, NOW. Peter asks why left. Because they were "rescued by America." And then royally screwed over by it when they were offered the chance to appear on this show.

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