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Refugee Camp Kwitcherbitchin'

Annie pours a crapload of vegetables into the sink. I guess that's the stew's secret ingredient; simmer in sink water for one hour. Lucy comes in to apologize. But not to Annie; to Kevin. After a while, Lucy finally manages to look beyond herself and asks Annie if her stricken expression means there's anything wrong. Annie says that Ruthie missed her bus and then the world ended, which would almost qualify how ridiculously sad she looks. After Annie's done talking about her problems, Lucy gets the conversation back to what's most important: Lucy. She has the brilliant idea of going to Kevin and Roxanne's stakeout and bringing them the pecan pie Annie made for dinner. Because that wouldn't bring unwanted attention to Kevin and Roxanne at all. Annie almost grows a spine and refuses to give her the pie, since she made it for dessert and Lucy didn't even so much as help her, but then agrees. "It's for a good cause, you can take it," she doormats.

Asslee calls Martin from work. She apologizes for "snapping" at him earlier. Martin doesn't exactly apologize back, although he does admit he may have "said some things." Thanks, Martin. As he's telling Asslee how much he misses her sometimes, Asslee's Frog Daddy spots her, so she has to hang up on Martin.

Chandler and Jeffrey talk math. Maybe Jeffrey will learn something about when the mass of his bouffant will soon be greater than what his neck can support, thus forcing his head downwards at a velocity at which his neck would break instantly. Maybe then he'll get a haircut. Jeffrey bitches about school and how the lighting in his classroom is so bad he can barely see. As Jeffrey says this, they cut to wide shot of the entire living room, which contains no less than three operating lamps but is still dark as hell. Does everyone in Glenoak buy twenty-watt light bulbs or something? When Jeffrey starts complaining that his pencil is too dull, Chandler gets pissed and yells at him that school is his job and he needs to do it, and no more excuses. Jeffrey stares at him, looking bemused, although I think he's supposed to be, like, scared but also learning an important lesson. ["Here some math for you, Jeffrey: a pencil sharpener costs, like, seventy-nine cents. Furthermore, shut up. I hate that goddamn kid." -- Sars] As he gets to work, Chandler yells, "And you weren't the only one that wanted ice cream today!" I do not doubt the veracity of those words.

Peter comments that the oranges Jacob and Nicodemus gave them are good. "Are they from Africa?" he asks. Yes, Peter, they're from fucking Africa. While Jacob and Nicodemus were walking around the continent and starving to death, they saved a stash of oranges, knowing that they would wind up in America in ten years and be glad to have food from home to assuage their homesickness. By the way, Brenda, way to take a huge continent full of very diverse people and put them under the umbrella term of "Africa," you ignorant cow. Nicodemus, looking not too amused, responds that the oranges are, in fact, from the supermarket he works in when he's not in school or taking care of stupid children. Ruthie asks why they're called "The Lost Boys," like, I think the time to ask that question was maybe a few hours ago when you first met them, so now it's just awkward. Jacob explains, to the tune of the Sad Piano of Touching Stories, that their villages were ravaged by war and that he, Nicodemus, and many other children escaped. Like their Peter Pan namesakes, they all looked after each other as they walked across Sudan, to Ethiopia, then back to Sudan, and finally to Kenya, where they were placed in refugee camps. Their trip was very dangerous, and over half of them died either on the way or in the refugee camps, where conditions weren't necessarily much better. From there, some of them were brought to America, where they have gotten educations and jobs. "We are very, very lucky," Jacob says, as the Flute of Lessons Learned plays at top volume.

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