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Refugee Camp Kwitcherbitchin'

Asslee's mopping, and I am terrified that this will result in a half-assed dance number. Martin enters and walks all over the newly-cleaned floor to tell Asslee that he misses her, but he's under a lot of pressure, what with worrying about his dad in Iraq, living with the Camdens, worrying about his dad in Iraq, trying to get that baseball scholarship, and worrying about his dad in Iraq. Asslee says that's cool, but she's under a lot of pressure too. Before she can go into details, her dad walks in and tells Martin that if he's not here to work, he needs to go. Mr. Smith says he likes to be thought of as a "cool dad," but when the work doesn't get done, he becomes an "uncool dad." Don't worry, Mr. Smith: your uncoolness is readily apparent. You may want to work a little harder on the "cool" part, however.

Martin takes off, and Asslee tells her dad that he wasn't being fair. Mr. Smith says it's not fair that he pays Asslee to talk to her boyfriend. Oh, for crying out loud, she was talking to him for like five seconds. Give her a break. Why am I defending Asslee? Especially when she says stupid crap about how "most girls" her age "don't have to work." Did I miss something when I was seventeen, because I sure as hell was working then, as were the rest of my female friends. ["Me too, and I had been for seven years. Shut up, Asslee. And Brenda." -- Sars] Asslee says that not everyone has to work with their parents either, like, get a job on the Promenade, then. Mr. Smith says that there are kids in her school who would "kill" for the chance to clean toilets, which I find very hard to believe. I guess everyone in that family is ridiculous. He tells Asslee that if she's having a problem with the job, she can file a complaint with her supervisor. Asslee says that he is her supervisor. "D'oh!" says Mr. Smith. Seriously, he said "d'oh." That was cool.

Ruthie gives Jacob and Nicodemus goodbye hugs while Peter brings himself to give them a weak "see ya" and a handshake. RevCam says he can't thank them enough; Nicodemus claims it was their pleasure. RevCam offers them money, which is really, really insulting. They refuse it because they have jobs and they like to work for their money, although I'll contend that being in Ruthie's vicinity for even one second qualifies as "labor" at the very least. RevCam asks if there's anything he can do. They say he can pray for peace in their country and an end to slavery, because this wasn't really mentioned in the show, but slavery is still a big problem in Sudan, and one of the things the Lost Boys were escaping from. RevCam's all, "Pray? What's that?"

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