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Lost Lunch

A couple decked out in Western gear walks by the first two signs that announce the country-western week at Eddie's pool hall, then through an entrance over which hangs a sign reading "Eddie's." Everyone with me? Stop me if I'm going too fast.

Inside, Simon and Cecilia dance. The band informs us that a "good-ole boy is going bad tonight." Foreshadowing? One can only hope. Simon is a terrible dancer, Cecilia not so great herself. She has matched her pink socks to her pink sweater. Simon apologizes for stepping on her feet. Her black cowboy boots are "steel-toed," so it makes little difference, she says. They sit down and sip some drinks. Kevin comes up and asks rather harshly where the hell Lucy is, since she was supposed to be there an hour ago. Simon and Cecilia are clueless. Roxanne comes up and says there were "no major accidents in the area," so Lucy is probably at the mall or the library. Or making out with the new associate pastor. Kevin, still on a psychotic rampage, asks why the Camdens don't get cell phones. Hey, did Jesus have a cell phone? Did he need a teeny phone to get the Word out? Well, did he? Kevin says he'll give Lucy fifteen minutes more, then he's going out to look -- and so is Roxanne. Roxanne says she has a date with "Smitty." Oh please, let's meet Smitty. He sounds like a line drawing, or a Little Rascal. Hey, how about Stymie? He always liked Roxanne. Someone call Buckwheat and we'll double. Kevin has a problem with Roxanne dating Smitty, who is someone they work with, and therefore it's bad for her "career." Ooh, Smitty's a cop? How cool. Please let him also be drunken and Irish. Roxanne says Lucy won't like the idea that she also likes cops. Kevin bullies her into looking for Lucy, and further badgers a reluctant-looking Simon and Cecilia into joining them. No one looks happy about this.

CamPound. Eric lolls on the couch. Annie comes over and brightly informs him of all that's been happening; Kevin called looking for Lucy, who was supposed to meet him at the pool hall where there's a country and western band playing all week! Eric is unfazed and uninterested, saying it must be "difficult to shoot pool." Annie says it sounds like fun, and that they should go out and dance themselves. Eric says nah, he just wants to be home with his family and think and never go out again. Annie insists that fun has to be had sometime -- how about going outside to sit on the porch and think under the stars? Eric loves that idea, and gets up and practically runs outside. Annie, left in his righteous wake, says she meant they could sit under the stars together.

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