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Lost Lunch

Lucy and Chandler...Hampton roll into the church. Lucy seems thrilled to be there. She says she's never "eaten" in the sanctuary before. Yes, isn't that a tad disrespectful? Chandler says slowly and creepily that she might feel uncomfortable talking in her father's office. And of course, there's no other place for them to have a picnic. So, church it is. It is Chandler's "favorite place in Glenoak." He feels "at peace" here. Wow, so does Lucy's dad! They have so much in common. Now kiss. Kiss in the sanctuary. Kiss like the Lord approves.

On the porch, Eric looks searchingly into the night sky, his face a blank mask, and says dully that "[he] quit[s]." Woo hoo!

Three signs announce that we're back at Eddie's Pool Hall, where it's country-western week. Welcome to it! Again. Annie bellies up to the bar and anxiously asks if the bartender (there's no sign or anything telling me if it's Eddie or not -- wish I could help!) has seen any members of her large and every-expanding brood. The bartender, wearing a bolero tie with his polo shirt (fashion NIGHTMARE, even for this show), says he saw Kevin dancing with a good-looking blonde. Annie says to no one in particular that she's waiting for her family. The fellow sitting next to Annie says so is he, and would she like to dance while she's waiting? Oh no, she couldn't. He asks if she'd like a lesson in two-stepping. She looks to the guy on the other side of her, who's staring creepily, stirring his drink like it's a full cauldron bubbling with roofies. She opts to dance, leaving her frou-frou-looking ersatz piña colada to sit alone.

Sanctuary. After a round of "you first," "no, you first," Lucy starts in on Why She Wants To Be A Preacher. Ew. She lists her reasons: She wants to be like her father; she wants to be respected like her dad is in the community; she wants to serve God, and to serve mankind; this is her purpose in life, and being a minister's daughter guided her to this purpose. Chandler plays the devil's advocate and says many people believe that women shouldn't be ministers, and what makes her think she'd be any good. Lucy says the Bible, history, and religion interest her "because the truth survives both." While she's speechifying, she walks over and stands behind the pulpit, taking her father's place, as it were. Chandler, for some reason, is charmed by her drive and ambition, and calls Lucy a "very smart woman" with a good "sense of humor." I've been recapping this show for three weeks and have seen no evidence of this. Perhaps becoming brainwashed to the Camdens' clear lack of allure is easy when you're right up in the thick of them, like being in a cult?

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