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Lost Lunch

Simon and Cecilia walk the pool hall aimlessly. The bartender tells Simon that his mom was looking for him. Simon is all, my mom left the house to have fun? That doesn't sound like her! Kevin and Roxanne come up; still no luck finding Lucy. Roxanne suggests that maybe she's at the church, talking with Chandler. Kevin becomes extremely creepy and scary in his intensity to shoot down that idea. Like, why would Lucy ever want to talk to Chandler when she can just go home and talk to her dad, who's also a minister? Kevin says, "She better not be talking to that new minister instead of talking with [him]!" Ooh! No he di'in't!

Sanctu-aaa-ryy! Lucy and Chandler giggle and talk, drinking bottled water. Kevin stalks down the aisle and says he's "glad someone is having a good time." Lucy, looking properly shame-faced, stands up and says she's sorry, she should have called. Kevin says that would have saved him from looking for her all night when she was "out on a date with another man." Chandler stammers and squinches up his face as he insists that "this was not a date." It so WAS a date. Kevin says it looks like they were having a picnic -- what else were they doing? Lucy says they weren't "dancing and holding each other close and laughing!" Oh, so she saw Kevin and Roxanne dancing together? Damn skippy. So, she thought she'd get back at Kevin by going out with Chandler? She isn't "out with Chandler!" Dude, if Chandler is out, this show could be cool. But what am I saying; everyone on this show is so far in the closet, they're like that smell you can never get rid of. Cat pee. Baby barf. Dead mouse. All synonymous with 7th Heaven. Chandler says he saw Lucy leaving the pool hall upset, and he asked if she'd like to talk. Kevin says he doesn't care, but for the fact that Lucy was "angry and jealous" and that Chandler "saw an opportunity," and they both think it's "okay since they're in a church." Snap! Kevin can read. He storms off, and is stopped at the door by Roxanne. She asks if everything is all right, and he plants one on her. Of course, Lucy follows Kevin and sees the kiss. Kevin storms all the way off, leaving Roxanne and Lucy to look at each other.

Eddie's Pool Hall. After more bad dancing, Cecilia introduces Simon to her dad, who tells him he can start scrubbing toilets tomorrow. Cecilia runs back and kisses Simon. Simon has a job! A nasty, filthy job. For, I hope, minimum wage. Woo hoo.

CamPound. Eric plays guitar some more. Happy, the dog with perfectly coifed hair, whimpers. Poor dog. Ruthie sticks her head out the door and says that Peter's mom doesn't have a drug and alcohol problem, she's "just single and overworked." Oh, says Eric. Doesn't he want to hear all the details? Not really. Okay. Night.

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