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Dopey comes into the room and taunts Robbie about his problems with Joy. Robbie pretends he's just upset over a course he's having problems with: "Angry Irish Women Poets." Feeling a little skeptical that any college would offer a course with a name like that, I did a quick web search on "Angry Irish Women Poets." I found some pretty interesting stuff, but no course descriptions. I guess Crawford Clown College is just groundbreaking that way. Or else Brenda Hampton is taking yet another stab at women and their silly feminism. Robbie answers the phone and smiles. He tries to boot Dopey out of the Hello Kitty room so he can have some privacy, but Dopey won't oblige. I guess their friendship has moved past the point where Matt even needs to be surreptitious about his eavesdropping. He lies down on the bed and stares at Robbie openly -- and a tad creepily, I might add.

Lucy and Mary find Cruella in the CamKitchen, where she's probably working on one of her useless lesson plans. Annie tells the girls that Ruthie has already talked to her about the arranged marriage idea, and that she must consult with RevCam before she reveals her choices. Mary rolls her eyes, hits a kitchen chair with her hands, and then stalks off without saying a word. I'm remembering why I detest her so much.

Ruthie is upstairs in the girls' bedroom, commenting that if it had only one bed in it, it would be almost like an apartment. See, I think she's trying to get everyone married off so that she can have more room in the house or something. I don't know. It's such a poor excuse for a subplot that it's barely worth mentioning. Lucy and Mary come in and try to weasel information out of her regarding Annie's choices for their future husbands. Ruthie can't tell them anything about Cruella's selections, but she does mention that she knows of a guy in whom they'd be interested. Lucy and Mary perk up considerably, as if there were even a remote possibility that Ruthie could have something worthwhile to say. You know Ruthie is going to suggest Robbie, and she does. Lucy and Mary show an interest, though they're even more excited when Ruthie tells them that Robbie and Joy have been fighting. That interest is so believable, considering that Lucy and Robbie had a one-week non-relationship and that Mary just split with her fiancé. Lucy and Mary try to hide their reactions from each other, foreshadowing a tiresome future in which they'll be fighting over Robbie some more.

Simon walks into the Hello Kitty room to talk to Dopey. Both guys insist that they really don't want a "serious relationship" right now. They engage in a little G-rated lusting over Joy, which sends them into an icky hormonal frenzy and convinces them that they have to find girlfriends, "fast." Now all they have to do is come up with some zany plan that would only work on a bad TV show. Their idea of using the twins as props to pick up chicks is not only unoriginal, but stupid as well. Still, they congratulate each other with a hearty handshake. So twenty-one-year-old Dopey is positively thrilled about the idea of picking up women with his fifteen-year-old brother. No wonder Barry Watson hates his role on this show so much.

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