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In the CamBoudoir, Annie and RevCam are working on their husband selections. For Lucy, Annie suggests Robbie's brother. RevCam makes it sound like Lucy's made out with more than one brother of Robbie's. I can't verify if that's true. Next, Annie suggests someone named Rod. Now, there's a nice, manly, phallic name. Rod's in the Marines, too. To be fair, I assume he enlisted before he found out he was to be chosen to marry a Camden. Annie is particularly disappointed to find out that Mike Pierce is dating someone already. When RevCam points out that Mike wasn't even Annie's first choice, Annie replies that she was "saving" him. Actually, it looks more like RevCam is saving him -- from a terrible, terrible fate -- by making up the story that Mike is already dating someone. What, no Jimmy Plywood on Lucy's list? For Mary, RevCam chooses some guy who "ran over" her, and someone else who's already married. When RevCam adds the firefighter Mary made out with in Buffalo to his list, Annie starts to suspect that Eric's not giving this task his all. She doesn't seem to suspect anything else, though, when Eric describes the Buffalo firefighter as being "a good kisser." I have to wonder why they're putting any effort into this at all. After all, their daughters are so wild and crazy anyway -- what with Mary drinking that half a beer last year and Lucy making out by the trashcans -- that you'd think the CamRents would be a little ashamed of wanting to inflict these hoydens on any decent guys anyway.

Joy's dad comes out of the house to complain about Murray's barking. Robbie apologizes and says he will check on the dog. Both Joy and her father offer to accompany Robbie to the car, which is a little weird, since the car is, like, maybe twenty feet away from the porch. When Robbie lets the dog out of the vehicle, both Joy and her father freak. While Ramon is checking Murray's tag, Robbie explains that the tag has an Arizona address on it. Oh, that's right! I forgot that the writers knew about the existence of the state of Arizona, too. That's where Annie's from. But I still have to wonder if anyone on the show knows that there are more states than just California, New York, and Arizona. What do they think all those other stars on the U.S. flag are for? Because this plot is so utterly implausible, I think Robbie can be excused for furrowing his brow in that stupid way when he finds out that Murray is actually Joseph's dog. Wow! I did not see that coming. Did you?

Robbie's calling RevCam from Joy's house, asking him to come over. He won't give any details, but he claims that the situation is "not bad…exactly." No, it's absurd, and should never have made it to air as a plot on a primetime show. But I'm getting ahead of myself. On his way out, RevCam runs into Simon, who tells him that the chick-scoping expedition did not go well. I just hope that's the last of that subplot. RevCam continues out the door, picking up what looks like a bag of "Brenda's Cookies" from the kitchen. I'm convinced they put Brenda's name on foodstuffs solely to torment me.

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