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Love Stinks, Part II

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Love Stinks, Part II

Weird Andrew Nayloss accosts Lucy in the school hallway and says he noticed her staring at him in the pool hall the night before. At first Lucy wants to play it all cool, but eventually she admits that she was "obsessing" about him. She says Ronald is "out of the picture," so Andrew makes it obvious he wants to be in the picture now. Lucy acts coy until Andrew starts walking away. She stops him and says she'd like to get to know him better. They kiss. Lucy says, "The kissing part is not going to be the problem in our relationship." Andrew suggests they kiss more and talk less. Lucy takes him literally, and they start making out in the school hallway. When Andrew suggests they go somewhere else, Lucy says, "I'm in like, and I'm not embarrassed if everyone knows it." That's great, Lucy, but maybe not everyone around you is all that anxious to see you two groping in the middle of the hallway. Did you ever think of that, hmm?

Mary and Robbie meet outside somewhere, and she returns his engagement ring. He keeps blaming everyone else, like Cheryl and the CamRents, but Mary claims she's just not ready to get married. Robbie also spews some bullshit about how it was the old Robbie who was a two-timing snake, and he's changed, blah blah. Mary shows some wisdom for once and says that she needs to concentrate on herself for a while until she can be part of a relationship. Robbie promises to wait for her "forever." I snort derisively. Mary says she'll see Robbie in church; he looks sad that he won't be getting any nookie. Mary gets on her bike while Robbie checks out her ass.

Dopey and Heather are sitting in a car. She says, "Shouldn't we have told our families?" He claims they wouldn't have understood and adds, "We love each other, and this is what you do when you're in love and you know it's forever." They're getting all kissy as John walks over to the car and tells them to hurry up. Dopey says to Heather, "You heard the man." Um, no, Dopey, actually, she didn't. She's hearing impaired, remember? They get out of the car and follow John into something called the Oakwood Chapel, while a few bars of "The Wedding March" play in the background. What do you want to bet they chicken out of it before next season starts? And then they'll just tell some quick bogus story of why they chickened out. It's an Aaron Spelling show, after all.

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