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Love Stinks, Part II

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Love Stinks, Part II

Over at Sleazeball Central, Robbie is trying to convince RevCam of what a catch he is because of his scholarship and his "good job" at the grocery store. RevCam disses him for a while, asking what would happen if Robbie lost his scholarship and had to work full time. Robbie's way dumber than most eighteen-year-olds I've known, because he lets RevCam trip him up at every turn. Pressing his advantage for all it's worth, RevCam insists that it's not just Mary's interests he's promoting; it's Robbie's too. I'm so sure. As he's leaving Eric gets in a final dig -- rather unnecessarily, if you ask me. He says, "Churchgoer that you are, have you prayed about this?" Dumb-ass that he is, Robbie doesn't even try to fake it; he just shakes his head and shrugs insolently. RevCam's all faux pious as he says, "Well, that's what I thought." Loser. Eric leaves and Robbie scrunches up his face so we will know that he is engaged in some very deep thought. See, it's acting like this that makes 7th Heaven the award-winning show it is. Heh.

Lucy phones weird Andrew Nayloss at home but gets his even weirder father instead. When Mr. Nayloss says Andrew isn't home, Lucy says, "I really need to talk to Andrew, and maybe he's there but you're saying he's not because he doesn't want to talk to me." Lucy, come on, that doesn't sound very Rulesy to me. You're supposed to play it light and breezy, and really, your approach is more rude and irritating. Mr. Nayloss obviously thinks so too, because he says, "So you're calling me a liar?" He asks who is calling, and Lucy makes the situation even worse by inventing a name and then hanging up after Mr. Nayloss recognizes her voice and calls her "that nutty minister's daughter." Weird Mr. Nayloss turns to weird Andrew and says, "I'm telling you right now, you end up marrying that crazy girl, I'm not coming to the wedding." Andrew just smiles and says, "Okay, we'll elope."

We see an exterior shot of Chickenhead's coop. It's a pretty swanky-looking building for an impoverished med student to be living in. Inside, Dopey's knocking on the door to Shana's apartment. The same suspicious neighbour from before comes out into the hall and says he doesn't believe Dopey's rehearsing for a play and that he has called the cops. He doesn't have his beagle with him, so who cares what he says or does. Shana takes forever to come to the door, and when she gets there, she's all sweaty and disheveled. Oddly, she looks better in this scene than she has all season, even though her shirt is on backwards and inside-out. Dopey, on the other hand, has something weird going on with his hair, which makes his head look a bit like a butternut squash. He asks to enter her apartment, but she won't let him in. I think it would have been funny if we'd seen her apartment and she had a coffee table with a big-ass crystal pyramid sculpture on it, like the one she used to talk to her alien father when she was Evie on Out of This World. Instead, we just see Chickenhead acting all guilty and Brett opening the door behind her. Dopey picks up on the fact that Brett and Cluckie have been indulging in some horizontal jogging. For once, I'm grateful that this show is rated G and that we never get to see Brett and Chickenhead going at it. I wonder if it would look anything like Mark McKinney's scenes as The Chicken Lady on The Kids in the Hall. Dopey stalks off, Cluckie looks guilty and Brett goes on maintaining the one facial expression that falls within his range.

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