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Loves Me, Loves Me Not

The CamRents are making out in the kitchen when Mary walks in, wiping her eyes. She says that tonight she "got to know the real Robbie Palmer," and that she can't believe he would make up "that stupid story" about the Tick Tock Diner just to get her to have sex. I agree, Robbie is pretty scuzzy, and I thought that from the start, but I really do love the utter weirdness and extreme stupidity of the diner story. Mary feels dumb for having trusted Robbie, and she admits her parents were right not to trust him. Annie apologizes for being right about Robbie, and somebody says something about trusting Mary more now, but I can't hear it over the snoring of the next-door neighbours, who must have nodded off from listening to this episode at subliminal level from my apartment. My only question is: How did Mary get home?

Everyone heads upstairs, where Lucy and Ruthie are about to give Ruthie's gift to the twins. When they all get to the boys' room, Ruthie launches in on a tale about her baby blanket, which she called "Blinkie." Blinkie got carried around a lot and washed a lot, and when it really started to fall apart, the CamRents stored it in a box in the attic, claiming that that way Ruthie could keep it forever. She says, "But sooner or later you'll learn that the only thing that lasts forever is love." So in the meantime, she's cut Blinkie in half and given each of the twins a piece. She wishes the twins a happy birthday. And for the rest of us? "Happy Valentine's Day, one and all." Uh, thanks, I guess. I could describe the rest of the happy hugging and kissing, but I'm too busy crying at the injustice of it all, because smoking cigarettes is bad for you, while drivel like this doesn't even carry a health warning.

Gwen, I wish I could give you some warning about what you'll have to face in next week's episode, but I just can't make myself watch any more. Sorry.

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