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Loves Me, Loves Me Not

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Loves Me, Loves Me Not

Lucy heads on over to the garage, pulling out a set of keys to unlock the garage door. Someone is already inside, though -- it's Simon and Deena, who have probably been indulging in one of their hot scheduled make-out sessions. There's some argument over who's allowed in the garage, and Simon asks Lucy not to say anything to the CamRents about him and Deena being there. Lucy locks the door when they leave, as if anyone cares about her stupid secret project. Well, actually, Ruthie does, and she attempts to spy through a window on the door to the garage. Oddly enough, this makes me less interested than ever in Lucy's project.

SuperMom's still excited when RevCam walks into the kitchen. The source of her glee: "Our daughter actually said that she was looking for more than chemistry in a relationship!" He's hoping against hope that the daughter in question is Mary. He goes on to say that he really wants to trust Robbie, but he just can't yet. I should just program a macro that will write a paragraph describing this conversation every time it's held, because it's always the same. The big (and only) difference this time is that Mary is eavesdropping from the stairs. The CamRents also compliment Mary and call her "a good kid." Dopey and Heather walk in. Dopey, referring to Heather, says, "Look who's back in town!" The CamRents do not respond very enthusiastically. Poor Heather, she's gonna develop a complex soon about how everyone always seems so disappointed to see her.

After the commercial break, Heather and SuperMom are chatting it up while RevCam meddles in Dopey's life, trying to blame the appearance of Heather for Dopey's problems with Chickenhead. When Dopey says that he has no new problems with Chickenhead, RevCam says that's only because Chickenhead doesn't know about Heather's return yet. Was there a point to any of this? Dopey and Heather leave to get a cappuccino. I think I'm mildly allergic to caffeine, but I'm considering picking it up again to help me get through this show awake.

Simon comes into the kitchen. He's wearing a turtleneck and profusely complimenting Annie on the dinner she cooked. The salmon was wonderful, the vegetables "steamed to perfection." RevCam trips him up by asking about dessert, which Simon says was "the best!" It turns out they didn't have dessert. I'd laugh along with the all-around hilarity here, but I'm too busy crying in self-pity again. What kind of freak writer thought this scene was good in any way? But wait, it gets worse. Simon says he's finished his homework so he's going to watch TV. Ruthie reacts to her cue and comes in just in time to tell Simon that she will join him but that they should change into their pajamas first. Simon nixes this idea and nervously says he's going to his room to read. Ruthie wonders aloud why Simon is wearing Lucy's turtleneck. By the way, this is what TV writers like to call "comic relief," in case you weren't picking up on the "comic" part.

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