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Inside, Cecilia is pretty much finished making dinner, and she tells Annie she'll get the twins "ready for dinner." How sad that they can't just be told to wash their hands? And we see that Ruthie and Peter are standing there, and Peter says, "And I'll get out of here so you two can talk," like SHUT UP PETER, and I have to say the overriding theme of men, no matter what age, being the voice of reason on this show is really starting to piss me off. Ruthie apologizes. Annie doesn't seem to buy it until Ruthie tells her not to blame Lucy, since Ruthie asked her to get involved. Kevin walks in, so Ruthie pleads with Annie not to let Kevin and Lucy move away. Kevin tells her they're not moving, and you know they believe him, since he's the man and therefore it's up to him. He tells Annie that Lucy's in the treehouse, so Annie can talk to her, like Lucy can't even make the trip herself, which I guess isn't surprising since when Annie gets there, Lucy can't even bring herself to apologize; Annie has to suggest it, and Lucy says yes, like NICE APOLOGY, and Annie accepts the "apology" that Lucy didn't even have to actually make, and she asks if this means Kevin and Lucy won't move out, and Lucy finally says, "I really am sorry," and they hug and everything's all better again instantly.

RevCam is standing at the foot of Martin's bed, and he just stands there for a few moments until the director says "action!" and then he says "can we talk?" and Martin shrugs and RevCam just babbles on more and more about how he's not trying to be Martin's father. He's made this same speech several times over the course of the episode, and Martin looks as bored by it as I feel. He suggests waiting until his dad gets home so that they can finish the conversation, but RevCam says they don't know when soldier boy's coming home. Martin does: next week. Oh, the marine finally emailed, did he? Yeah. Turns out that the marine is so worried about his son that he got an emergency leave to come home. RevCam looks absolutely stunned, instead of, oh, I don't know, relieved. Martin looks worried too, at first, and then he kind of smiles, so maybe he's happy. I don't know. They both kind of look like Uma Thurman has their name on a list and she's coming to cross them off. God, that would be a great episode.

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