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Mi Familia, Part I

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RevCam comes home just as Annie's getting off the phone. It turns out that both of the CamRents have bad news for each other: Annie's is that Greta the CPS Lady (who, I'm sad to report, does not appear in this episode) just called to say that there are some complications regarding the adoption that are RevCam's business even though he's not the person who's adopting anyone, nor is he involved with the foster program at all. It seems that the children's mother has a problem with her kids being taken from her, even though she doesn't really like them. Oh, I hope Mackenzie Phillips comes back and blows cigarette smoke in people's faces and sasses them! RevCam seeing a way to avoid telling Annie about Mary's problems, RevCam runs off, saying he has to call Greta back right away.

Simon comes home from class to find Stalker Rose standing outside his apartment. She says she HAS to know what Simon's problem is. So Simon tells her about the no premarital sex promise he made to God, thinking that perhaps his siblings were right to wait until marriage to have sex, because that worked out so well, what with two of them either having been or currently being on the verge of divorce while the third refuses to move out of her parents' house, and all because they married people they never got to know very well simply to have sex with them. This show sucks. "That is personal and complicated," says Rose. No, Rose, it really isn't. What is complicated is describing Simon and Rose's subsequent dialogue, in which Simon's assertion that he really does like Rose turns into them getting engaged. It's the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen, until the "Executive Producer: Brenda Hampton" screen pops up.

And that's our show! Tune in next week for the thrilling conclusion to this season, where we see Annie's reactions to her twin sons hating her and her daughter getting divorced. I'm crossing my fingers for explosions! Deadly ones, preferably.

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